After landslide re-election win, Hungary’s Orban takes aim at Soros

by WorldTribune Staff, April 10, 2018

Having easily won re-election to a third term and clinching a two-thirds parliamentary majority for his ruling Fidesz party, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban vowed to crack down on liberal nongovernmental organizations.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban: Europe will restore ‘the will of the people’ on migration in 2018. / Reuters

One of the first laws to be passed by the new parliament will likely be what is being called the “Stop Soros” legislation in which NGOs which support migration and pose a “national security risk” could be banned, a spokesman for Fidesz said on April 9.

The bill is named after Hungarian-born leftist billionaire George Soros, who Orban has accused of trying to flood Europe with refugees.

“The Hungarian people have defined the most important issues: these are the questions of immigration and national sovereignty,” Orban said.

“It is entirely clear…from the election result that Hungarians have decided that only they can decide with whom they want to live in Hungary, and the government will stick to this position.”

The “Stop Soros” bill, which was submitted to parliament before the election, would impose a 25 percent tax on foreign donations to NGOs that the government says support migration in Hungary and restraining orders on activists that preclude them from approaching the EU’s external borders in Hungary.

Orban told state radio last month that the government had information on activists being paid by Soros.

“We know by name who they are and how they work to transform Hungary into an immigrant country,” Orban said. “That’s why we drafted and submitted the Stop Soros bill which qualifies immigration as an issue of national security.”

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