Abortion radical refused to appear on program with pro-lifer; Turned to Jake Tapper instead

Special to WorldTribune, June 27, 2022


Analysis by Joe Schaeffer, 247 Real News

Where’s an abortion radical to go when she will not tolerate even the hint of fair play towards pro-lifers? To the “mainstream media” of course.

Jennifer Gunter is a Canadian-American obstetrician-gynecologist whose fervent pro-abortion activism has made her a media darling to the point where she lists herself as a New York Times “contributor” on her Twitter bio.

The hysteria that followed in the wake of the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade on June 24 took many forms. Gunter chose to trod the tyrannical path so often seen within the dominant medical establishment over the past two-plus years.

On June 26, she called for professional associations to bar pro-lifers from serving in health care at all:

But Gunter made more news on June 24 by publicly denouncing the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation for having the gall to ask her to appear on a panel discussion with – egads – someone who believes abortion is wrong:

“I have to decline the CBC’s interview request if you are also interviewing a forced birth advocate,” Gunter’s attached reply to the CBC reads. “There is zero point in being on a show that elevates those who lie to deny medical care. In fact, elevating these people is part of the problem and why we are dealing with this snowballing medical tragedy.”

Gunter is flat-out saying that she has no use for any television news program that would attempt to acknowledge that there is another side to the abortion issue besides hers.

Jake Tapper interviews Jennifer Gunter

Hello, Jake Tapper.

Gunter appeared on the CNN host’s “The Lead” program that same eventful day that Roe was struck down.

Did she feel safe and secure about having her views reinforced by would-be interrogator Tapper? Let’s examine the transcript.

TAPPER: In our health lead, the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling will impact women and girls reproductive health care around the United States. U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy issued a statement on the ruling today saying, quote, “The health of women and pregnant people is put at risk, an effect that will be felt disproportionately in historically marginalized populations, including communities of color, low income Americans, and rural residents.”

With us to discuss the health impact of this all is OBGYN Dr. Jennifer Gunter.

Dr. Gunter, thanks for joining us. So, according to Guttmacher, nearly one in four women in the United States will have an abortion by age 45. So what does this ruling mean to one quarter of American women and girls?

Tapper kicks things off by presenting a loaded narrative based on the pro-abortion ramblings of the Biden administration’s surgeon general. He then references a statistic “discovered” by Planned Parenthood’s notoriously close partner the Guttmacher Institute as he brings in Gunter.

Tapper is going out of his way to let Gunter know that he is here to buttress her opinion, and not to challenge her in any way whatsoever. This is how the Left fully expects the news media to operate in 2022. And, this in fact is how it operates.

Another question from our tough newshawk:

TAPPER: Wisconsin Planned Parenthood says that they’ve paused all abortion procedures until there’s clarification on whether or not Wisconsin’s 1849 law is enforceable. We’ve heard the argument that even if abortion is not legal in one state, a woman can travel to another state to receive the procedure. But what’s your take on whether this increased influx to abortion clinics and other states might make it more difficult for women to have access to time sensitive appointments?

Tapper’s final question to Gunter seeks to paint Justice Clarence Thomas as a witch-burning judge out of the 1600s, obligingly setting her up to mindlessly parrot the f-word cultural leftists love to mouth:

TAPPER: So, Justice Clarence Thomas argued in a concurring opinion that the court should also reconsider other related rulings on same sex relationships. That’s Lawrence on same sex marriage, it’s a (INAUDIBLE). And on contraception, that’s the Lawrence – I’m sorry, that’s the Griswold, Griswold v. Connecticut. Now this is not part of the ruling itself, but what was your reaction as an OBGYN? There are a lot of women out there who obviously rely on birth control pills and contraception.

GUNTER: Well, I mean, my response is fascism. I mean, it’s really what it is. We should call it what it is. This is fascism.

What is the point of such an interview? An echo chamber reverberates, that is all that is happening here.

Think about it. Jennifer Gunter demands a totally lopsided presentation of her views by television news. She has said so herself. And Jake Tapper was more than happy to accommodate her.

How can Tapper possibly consider himself a serious newsman?

It’s worth pointing out the other guests Tapper called on for his June 24 Big Show on Roe. Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA) is one of the most radical progressives in Congress. Karen Finney is Vice Chair of NARAL Pro-Choice America’s Board of Directors.

The only guest who could be labeled “pro-life” was the Swamp’s resident soggy milquetoast establishment “conservative” Jonah Goldberg, whose performance perfectly matched his reputation.

In short, the entire program was more canned than a tin of tuna fish.

And that is the key takeaway here. We all know about media bias, but this is something more. This is the new phase in media control: defining opposing opinions completely off of the playing field.

Many astute commentators on the right have already noted how the Roe histrionics mark the latest Leftist infantile fit in a half-decade already filled with the Summer of George Floyd, coronavirus social bullying and countless Donald Trump-related meltdowns.

What needs to be emphasized is the rigid closed-mindedness that appears to become more malignant with every new tantrum.

As Americans saw with their own eyes during the coronavirus pressure campaign and the bogus Jan. 6 fabrication, these “there is no other side” voices are being given free rein on the largest platforms the dominant media nexus has to offer.

Whether it be an experimental gene therapy misleadingly labeled a vaccine, “systemic white racism” or abortion, the science is always settled in a manner that accords perfectly with the wishes of the wild-eyed activists of the Cultural Left. And they will not even allow a conversation that suggests otherwise.

With faithful media lapdogs like Jake Tapper minding the gate, their airtight bubbles are guaranteed to never be threatened. And so the tantrums will continue.

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