A non-Trump voter in 2016, Glenn Beck’s 2020 support prompts outpouring from thousands in same boat

by WorldTribune Staff, October 7, 2020

In a tweet that has gone viral, conservative commentator Glenn Beck noted that he didn’t vote for President Donald Trump in 2016 but plans to support the president in 2020.

One Twitter user wrote: ‘I didn’t vote for him even though I’ve voted Rep my whole life. I thought he was too polarizing to get anything done. I was wrong – prison reform, tax cuts, troops home, no war, low unemployment, and more. I’m glad to be wrong and will vote for him now.’

Beck, the founder and CEO of The Blaze, tweeted on Oct. 5: “Who didn’t vote for @realDonaldTrump in 2016 – but will in 2020, like me. I can’t be alone. I couldn’t vote for either last time. I just didn’t trust he would do what promised. He may be the first politician in my lifetime that DID keep his word. What was it for you?”

Many thousands responded by explaining why they plan to support Trump in 2020 despite not voting for him in 2016.

A large number were conservatives or libertarians who couldn’t bring themselves to vote for Trump the first time around, but will this November:

• “Voted for Gary Johnson last time. Trump this time,” Dave Rubin responded.
• “Hey, Glenn. I will. I ran against him but things are different now. He will get my vote barring any unforeseen circumstances,” Austin Peterson, who ran in 2016, responded.
• “Been a libertarian voter since the great Harry Browne. I am voting for Trump. The main reason: his stance against critical theory / woke-ism. There is no greater threat to freedom than allowing such poison to spread,” another person explained.
• “That’s me. When I heard him say he was going to take down the swamp I just rolled my eyes. I’ve always voted libertarian. This is the first time I will be voting Republican and first time I know my vote matters,” another person responded.

Others cited Trump’s first-term accomplishments:

• “The work he’s done for human trafficking has been unprecedented.”
• “I’m with you. I didn’t trust either one. But I’ve never seen more results in such a toxic environment. But as a conservative, other than the usual spending complaints, what do I knock other than his tweeting?”

Others cited the leftward turn of the Democratic Party and major media:

• “Voted 3rd Party in 2016. Later, saw the 24/7 vitriol spewed toward Trump & his family/admin & the blinders fell off. Then, Kavanaugh happened & that sealed the deal for me. Now, seeing the anarchy/socialism/evilness from the Left only serves to solidify my vote for Trump in Nov.”
• “I quit voting 12 yrs ago because I felt both sides were corrupt. Donald is an anomaly who wasn’t supposed to win. He exposed the corrupt media and those that are willing to do anything for power. That’s one of the many reasons he has my vote.”

Others were Democrats who voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016 — but are now on team Trump:

• “Voted for Hillary last time and I can’ WAIT to vote for Trump this time. My vote is brought to you by the Democratic party. To quote my friend and fellow #WalkAway Mike Harlow, I’ll be pulling that lever with my middle finger.”
• “Held my nose & voted for H. Voting for Trump this time & even changed my D registration to R just so I could vote for him in the Primary. Can’t stand the way he’s been treated & all of his accomplishments never mentioned in a positive light or even balanced light.”

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