89-year-old Noam Chomsky’s new gig: 3-year, $750,000 contract at taxpayer-funded university

by WorldTribune Staff, August 8, 2018

The University of Arizona has hired Noam Chomsky, a leftist who has defended communist regimes and met with the leaders of terrorist group Hizbullah, to teach a course for undergraduates titled “What is Politics?”, a government watchdog group reported.

Noam Chomsky. / BBC

The university is paying the 89-year-old Chomsky $250,000 per year through 2020, Judicial Watch said.

In its announcement of the hire, the university described Chomsky as a “world-renowned linguist” and one of the “most cited scholars in modern history.”

“The reality is that Chomsky is an extreme leftwing propagandist who defends communist regimes – including those in Vietnam and Cuba – and openly supports the anti-Israel and anti-U.S. terrorist organization Hizbullah,” Judicial Watch said. “In fact, Chomsky met with Hizbullah leaders in Lebanon even though the State Department lists the group as a terrorist organization and the elderly professor has publicly supported the militant group’s right to be armed.”

Judicial Watch noted that, even though the University of Arizona “is funded with taxpayer dollars and must comply with public-records laws meant to keep government transparent … it still took UA four months to provide Judicial Watch with the records of Chomsky’s outrageous deal.”

The money to pay Chomsky comes from tuition dollars, grants, contracts and other funds generated by the public institution, the records show.

“The university’s arrangement with Chomsky has outraged many, especially those with connections to the school,” Judicial Watch noted.

Bevan Olyphant, a former Green Berets who taught a leadership class in the honors program at the University of Arizona, said he was paid $1,500 a semester and says a full engineering professor at the university receives an average annual salary of $80,000.

Olyphant told Judicial Watch he made a request that the university bring in some conservative speakers: “We can’t do that. We would have a riot,” Olyphant said the university’s response was.

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