Wikipedia deletes list of scientists who are climate change skeptics

by WorldTribune Staff, March 9, 2020

Some of the world’s top scientists include themselves among those who disagree with the so-called “consensus” on man-made climate change. “But the kind of intolerant leftists who tend to edit Wikipedia pages don’t want you to know this,” a columnist noted.

Wikipedia has deleted its “List of Scientists Who Disagree with the Scientific Consensus on Global Warming”. Apparently, 35 of Wikipedia’s editors voted to delete the list while 19 editors voted not to delete it.

“Stalin — who set the template for airbrushing inconvenient people out of history — would no doubt have heartily approved of this wanton act of censorship,” James Delingpole noted in a March 8 analysis for Breitbart News. “But what would probably have pleased him more is the magnificently twisted justification offered by the editor responsible.”

The editor said: “The result was delete. This is because I see a consensus here that there is no value in having a list that combines the qualities of a) being a scientist, in the general sense of that word, and b) disagreeing with the scientific consensus on global warming.”

“In other words,” Delingpole noted, what the Wikipedia editor is saying is “that if you’re a scientist who doesn’t believe in global warming then that automatically makes you not a scientist.”

Included among global warming skeptics are some of the most eminent experts in their field, including physicists Dr. Richard Lindzen of MIT and Dr. Will Happer of Princeton. Also, Roy Spencer, a meteorologist and winner of the NASA Exceptional Scientific Achievement Medal.

The JoNova blog noted: “The Religion of Carbonoid-Weather-Control is so fragile, and Wikipedia so captured by philosophical fruit flies, that 35 editors voted down 19 other editors and now The List does not exist. Thus do 35 editors keep safe the minds of Wikipedia babes who might get confused when they see Richard Lindzen and Roy Spencer’s names and mistake them for actual climate scientists.”

Delingpole noted that the editors at Wikipedia “variously refer to these often eminent scientists as ‘cranks’ and ‘a club of fools.’ ”

One editor said: “Cranks are well-known to maintain such lists of authoritative-sounding people to bolster their own legitimacy, and this list is just another in this genre. Long past time to kill it.”

Another said: “The list is synthesis to mislead the reader into thinking there is significant doubt about the reality of global warming.”

Delingpole noted that “a few brave contrarian voices try to argue against censorship” of the list of 85 scientists which was deleted by Wikipedia.

One supporter of the list of climate change skeptics said that the scientists on the list aren’t exactly cranks: “Let’s take a look at the list of people responsible for your so called ‘fringe theories advanced for religious purposes,’ shall we?”

The list of climate change skeptics included:

Patrick Moore, one of the founders of Greenpeace; Ivan Giaver, who won the Nobel Peace Prize; Judith Curry, retired head of the Atmospheric Sciences Department of the Georgia Institute of Technology; Richard Lindzen, retired head of the Atmospheric Sciences Department of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and member of the National Academy of Sciences (you know, that thing Einstein was a member of); Vincent Courtillot, a member of the French Academy of Sciences; Khabibullo Abdussamatov, a member of the Russian Academy of Sciences; John Christy, who is a professor at the University of Alabama at Huntsville, who keeps the temperature data used by NOAA and NASSA, and who contributes to the IPCC reports; Roy Spencer, who keeps the data with John Christy; Frederich Seitz, former President of the National Academy of Sciences.

Dr. Roger Higgs notes: “By the way, note three BBC-style disingenuous omissions in the title alone: ‘List of scientists who disagree with the scientific consensus on global warming’:

“(1) these are not just any scientists, but well-known and, in many cases, distinguished scientists in diverse fields of science;

“(2) they disagree with the consensus on man-made global warming (no educated person denies global warming; Earth has always alternately warmed and cooled);

“(3) the consensus is only among climate scientists (whose salaries, research grants, and reputations depend on public belief in man-made warming).

“Time to share far and wide. If Wikipedia is serious they have to kick out the editors with political or religious bias.”

Higgs, by the way, is a geologist who has published “29 bullet points prove global warming by the sun, not CO2”.

Another response to Wikipedia censoring climate change skeptics: “With apologies to people who have been conned into believing that the WP climate area is sound … Who are we kidding here? This is an important, long standing article that gives a tiny sliver of balance to grotesquely POV, essentially permanently vandalized, articles on Climate.”

Delingpole concluded: “Not, of course, that his valiant contribution made any difference. Wikipedia gave up trying to be a neutral source of information long ago. If you don’t share its leftist values, you’re really not welcome there.”

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