Welcome to the 21st century global sociopolitical reality: Slavery is on the march

There is an opinion that the cause of slavery is the historic backwardness of the country. Actually, the cause of slavery is the same as that of other crimes: their impunity. Slavery is one of the gravest crimes, for the criminal robs his victim of everything except what is needed for a slave to carry out his or her owner’s wishes.

Stalin, Hitler, and Mao were equally uneducated (except for the Georgian Stalin, who could barely speak his working tongue-Russian). But their slaves were to take them for Gods, not idiots that they were.

In Russia, I was living in Moscow, when one fine day it was announced that Stalin would be the candidate to vote for in our district. I described how I voted in my earlier columns. But the episode is highly relevant, and so I recall it again.

I was to go to our local “Voting Station” to “vote.” At a table, several officials held a list of the “voters” with their addresses. I was to take my voting bulletin and drop it into one of the voting boxes down the hall.

Now, what would have happened if I had not turned up to vote? An official would have come to remind me that the day was the election day and that I was expected to vote before midnight.

So I duly went to our voting place and duly dropped my voter’s bulletin into one of the boxes.

Secretly, I had also picked up (with my hand in glove!) another bulletin, wrote on it (in block letters) why I was voting against Stalin, and, with my hand in glove, dropped that bulletin into one of the boxes.

Soon after midnight there was a ring at the door of our “communal apartment,” shared by five or six families. The police were searching the entire electoral district. At their demand, I showed them my passport. They had found nothing suspicious.

Of course, like any giant slave-owner, Stalin was assuring his slaves via his powerful propaganda that they were free, in contrast to those whom Marx called the “slaves of Capital.”

About 15 years after Stalin’s death, several hundred “Soviet people,” including myself and my family, were granted permission to “emigrate” from the country. By doing so, the new Soviet rulers were trying to offset the scandalous fact that at that time some Soviet spies were apprehended in the United Nations. The diversion worked: Western newspapers front-paged the unprecedented emigration news from Soviet Russia!

So there we were: from the slavery of Moscow to the freedom of New York, where I started publishing in the then fashionable monthly magazine “Commentary.”

Of course, on the issues like freedom, many are influenced, at the beginning of or throughout one’s life, by one’s native country. In Britain, the prime minister (equivalent of the U.S. president) is not “elected by the people,” most or many of whom are not qualified to do so, but is nominated as the chairman of the largest political party in Parliament and then referred to the queen to be confirmed as Her Majesty’s Prime Minister, provided he or she satisfies Her Majesty’s requirements. Someone like Obama, therefore, could not have possibly met any of those requirements and could have never qualified for such high office.

By contrast, elected in the United States was a certain Obama, who had Marxist-Maoist leanings and particular sympathies for China. Nevertheless, those who voted for Obama did not pay much attention to that fact or maybe they just didn’t care to find out anything about him and awarded him (through their ignorance) the greatest political honor of being the U.S. president.

On the other hand, unlike Obama, Russia fears, and not loves the PRC, its neighbor. And it is partly out of this fear, which is quite real, that Russia has withdrawn from the territories of what formerly constituted its “national republics.” Officially, Russia is now called the “Russian Federation,” or RF. At the same time, possibly also out of fear, Russia has been helping China to accomplish its military projects.


According to NEWSru.com, the above is a paraphrase of an article which appeared in “The Wall Street Journal” (U.S.A.).

What’s the gist of it? After China has copied all the best Russian weapons as well as the best Western weapons and has put that knowledge into its armed forces (which could be based on its “extra” one billion people), the RF will practically cease to exist, except maybe for some former Soviet slaves, important for the military industry, who will be relocated to China to slave there for their new master’s world ownership.