Unworthy of praise: Why Hillary Clinton will not be elected president

Special to WorldTribune.com

By Sheda Vasseghi

Hillary Clinton will not become the next President of the United States even if she is protected by the Left in the Democrat Party and nominated despite her egregious breaches of national security.

The Left has a hard time playing fair, digesting truths, respecting freedom of thought and speech (obstructions to the First Amendment include organized and disruptive demonstrations as well as political correctness ), and doing the right thing for which we have a divine conscience.

'Pathological' need for cash?
‘Pathological’ need for cash?

There are many factors as to why she will not win, not the least of which being that the people of this great nation have awakened to what is going on and are engaged in a movement that is sweeping away politics as usual like a tsunami. During a recent campaign “get out and vote” event, a female voter said “I’m not going to vote for Hillary cause she doesn’t deserve it!”

Yes, the main reason Mrs. Clinton will not win track back to words uttered by the great President Ronald Reagan.

We’ve all heard about how when something is verbalized, when one puts the word out there, it will be so! Speaking before a group of women visiting the White House in 1984, Reagan said: “There is going to be a woman President of the United States one of these days soon, and she’s going to be a Republican”.

So there we are. It’s a fait-accompli!

Reagan argued that a Republican woman will be elected president not because of political gestures or symbolism, but because of her merits and achievements which will make her superior to other candidates. “Merit” is defined as “the quality of being particularly good or worthy, especially so as to deserve praise or reward.”

Hillary Clinton’s “achievements,” or lack thereof, as First Lady with respect to how she chose to handle her husband President Bill Clinton’s chronic womanizing, and her subsequent poor judgment and misconduct years later as Secretary of State with regards to the email server problems and the Benghazi disaster leave her meritless, unworthy of praise, and undeserving of being rewarded the highest office in the nation.

Droves of Independents, Libertarians, Democrats, first time voters, and disillusioned voters are participating in the Republican Party’s primary elections this year. Something that hasn’t been witnessed since Ronald Regan ran for office.

Mrs. Clinton will not win the presidential election even if the Democrat Party continues to protect her despite her email server investigation having revealed serious breaches of national security, and troubling questions surrounding the finances of and contributions to the Clinton Foundation.

Therefore, the 2016 Republican nominee should consider a female Vice President candidate as the party moves forward in securing the White House this election year. Gov. Sarah Palin’s input and experience in the 2008 campaign as the first female Republican V.P. candidate should be tapped to find the candidate to seal the deal.

Besides the obvious education and life-and-work experiences, what special merits and achievements should a female Republican V.P. candidate possess in the 2016 elections with an eye on winning the office of the president in 2024?

• Naturally and freely express passion (love) and compassion for America and its people.
• Authenticity.
• Be a source of good.
• Be a leader, set the tone, have a presence, and seize the moments.
• Have wisdom through balance of character, intuition, self-confidence, quick thinking, out of the box vision, and culture.
• Be just.
• Know history.
• And finally – be a source of life! That is the main element that sets women apart from men. Even ancient warriors prayed to a goddess such as Iranian (Persian) Anahita or Greek Athena for strength, guidance, and victory.

If the Democrat Party actually nominates Hillary Clinton for the presidency, then a female Republican V.P. candidate would be a timely contrast, demonstrating a worthy  contender against an unworthy one!

Sheda Vasseghi is a doctorate candidate, historian, and educator specializing in Iran (Persia). She is a member of Azadegan Foundation in Washington, D.C. and a longtime columnist at WorldTribune.com. Readers may follow her blogs on her website www.evakdat.com.