Unreported: White House evacuated after Secret Service ‘located’ cocaine

by WorldTribune Staff / 247 Real News July 3, 2023

The White House grounds were evacuated on Sunday after what was initially reported as an unidentified package.

Cocaine hydrochloride

“U.S. Secret Service Uniform Division Officers located an unknown item on the White House complex,” a Secret Service spokesman confirmed. “As a precaution, the White House grounds were evacuated, and the DC Fire Departments Hazmat team responded.”

How many American news consumers knew? The evacuation of the White House and the response of a hazmat team would seem like a story of some significance, but readers would have to search media accounts long and hard to find it.

The item was eventually deemed to be “non-hazardous” by D.C. Emergency Medical officials, but an audio recording from D.C. Fire Hazmat revealed the test results showed the substance found was cocaine hydrochloride.

According to the Mayo Clinic: “Cocaine hydrochloride nasal solution is used to numb the mucous membrane inside the nose before a medical procedure or surgery. This medicine is a local anesthetic. This medicine is to be given only by or under the direct supervision of your doctor.”

PM Media’s Matt Margolis asked: “Are you buying the story that nasal spray was found in the White House?” adding: “You shouldn’t.”

According to Addiction Resources: “Cocaine hydrochloride is a powder used in drug abuse or as a local anesthetic. Abusing cocaine hydrochloride can result in adverse side effects and risks. Cocaine can be processed to produce three different forms of the drug: cocaine hydrochloride, freebase cocaine, and crack cocaine.”

Margolis added: “What does this tell us? Despite the best efforts of some to insinuate that the cocaine hydrochloride found at the White House was innocuous nasal spray, it is highly probable that it was simply a bag of cocaine. There’s been no official indication that it was nasal spray, and the lack of interest in the story by the mainstream media raises some red flags.”

Additionally, Margolis noted, “On top of that, we know that Hunter Biden, a supposedly ‘recovering’ drug addict, was recently at the White House for a state dinner.”

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