Unreported: Democrats’ covid relief bill rewards fellow Democrats for their incompetence

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, March 9, 2021

Tyrants taking care of their own at the expense of U.S. taxpayers. One can’t find that story in the corporate media.

The $1.9 trillion covid relief bill, the so-called American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, includes a multi-billion dollar bailout of several poorly-run cities and states. Democrat tyrants wrecked these cities and states, and Democrat tyrants in the Swamp are shaking down the American taxpayer to rescue them.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi / C-SPAN

In passing the bill, Democrats sent the “unmistakable message that Washington politicians expect New Hampshire taxpayers to subsidize poorly run, cash-strapped states,” New Hampshire Republican Gov. Chris Sununu said. “While California, New York, and New Jersey make out like bandits with billions of dollars in increased funding, New Hampshire’s taxpayers are left to foot the bill.”

Included in the covid relief bill are funds to erase the budget deficits of the city of San Francisco and state of New York.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi represents San Francisco.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer represents New York state.

The bill, which is likely to be signed by Joe Biden this week, will erase the majority of San Francisco’s projected $650 million budget deficit over the next two years, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

Its a boon for current and future tyrants in San Francisco. The bailout will save lots of government jobs. The line to kiss Pelosi’s ring will be long.

For those whose lives were torn apart, whose children are permanently scarred by the actions of those tyrants, you get a $1,400 check from Pelosi and the Democrats. Buy some cake.

The covid relief package also wipes out New York State’s projected budget deficit, possibly negating the need for tax hikes or spending cuts, Schumer’s office said Monday.

“Ok. Thanks to @SenSchumer NYS budget deficit for this year is…..Zero, nada, niete, zilch (NY terms),” Schumer spokesman Angelo Roefaro tweeted.

Sununu said New Hampshire stands to lose more than $230 million under changes to the formula for federal aid that factors a state’s unemployed population instead of its actual population. New Hampshire has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the nation.

The formula used in the legislation for allocating funding takes into account each state’s share of the nation’s unemployed workers. The average unemployment rate is 5.03 percent for red states, 7.61 percent for blue states and Washington, D.C., and 6.09 percent for split states, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics data.

“A state’s ability to keep businesses open and people employed should not be a penalizing factor when distributing funds,” the governors of 21 states said in announcing their opposition to the bill. “If Congress is going to provide aid to states, it should be on an equitable population basis.”

The Democrats tried to hide their formula for rewarding their fellow Democrats, but, thanks to the Internet, you can see where the funding is going at OpenTheBooks.com here.

The change Pelosi and the Democrats made to the formula caused 23 states to gain $31.9 billion and 27 states to lose that funding. The four biggest winners were blue states: California — which reaped an extra $6.7 billion; New York — which added another $6 billion; Illinois — increased by $2.1 billion; and New Jersey — a $2 billion increase.

The biggest losers were Florida (-$2.3 billion), Vermont (-$2.1 billion); and Wyoming (-$2 billion). The funding change rewarded New York Democrat Gov. Andrew Cuomo over Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis even though Florida has a larger population and a lower Covid-19 death rate.

In fact, Democrats are sending more funding to Puerto Rico, $4 billion, than 22 states. Washington, D.C. gets more funding at $2.3 billion than 13 states. That Democrats are keen to grant statehood for Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C., that must be a coincidence.

“The Democrats’ covid stimulus bill does little to address the hardships Americans endured over the past year due to government shutdowns but it does do much to pay off or keep Democrat city and state governments afloat for the foreseeable future,” the Gateway Pundit’s Joe Hoft noted.

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