Unreported by the media circus on August 14, 2023

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, August 15, 2023

Perhaps it can no longer be said that legacy media continues to drop the ball when it comes to reporting on major stories, particularly those involving former President Donald Trump.

You can’t drop the ball if you refuse to take the handoff.

On Monday afternoon, a document listing charges in Georgia against Trump was posted on the website of the Fulton County courts. It was soon deleted, but not before some media, including WorldTribune.com, obtained and published the document.

Fulton County DA Fani Willis announces the indicted in Georgia of Donald Trump on Monday night.

In coverage of the grand jury returning the indictments against Trump and 18 of his associates on Monday evening, most major media, including the Wall Street Journal, actually failed to mention the earlier document listing.

During a Monday night press conference, Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis claimed ignorance about the leak of the document.

“She just lied to the universe. As the district attorney, your name, your stamp is on every single indictment,” Trump White House adviser Kash Patel told Fox News host Trace Gallagher Monday night. “You do not have those copies of indictments floating around and blame the clerical system and the judicial officer in the clerk’s office for a mishap. She just said she has no idea how that indictment was presented and posted online. She just lied to the world.”

Patel continued: “That should tell you everything you need to know about her weaponized system of justice, her personal animosity toward Donald Trump, and the destruction of due process and the continued election rigging that goes on the state level.”

Jack Posobiec of Human Events noted: “The list of Trump charges released tonight is identical to the ones released online before the jury voted. Remember when they claimed it was fake and that everyone was lying? Congrats, you trusted the government.”

Attorneys for Trump also blasted Willis over the leak.

“The events that have unfolded today have been shocking and absurd, starting with the leak of a presumed and premature indictment before the witnesses had testified or the grand jurors had deliberated and ending with the District Attorney being unable to offer any explanation,” Drew Findling, Jennifer Little and Marissa Goldberg said in a statement released by the Trump campaign. “In light of this major fumble, the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office clearly decided to force through and rush this 98-page indictment.”

“This one-sided grand jury presentation relied on witnesses who harbor their own personal and political interests— some of whom ran campaigns touting their efforts against the accused and/or profited from book deals and employment opportunities as a result. We look forward to a detailed review of this indictment which is undoubtedly just as flawed and unconstitutional as this entire process has been,” the attorneys concluded.

And while legacy media such as The Washington Post were touting “the Georgia prosecutor who is taking on Trump,” few seemed to care that just days before the indictments were handed down Willis had launched a new campaign fundraising website.

On Aug. 10, Atlanta News First reported that Willis sent out an email to her supporters, stating: “Friend, we wanted you to know first that our new website is up and ready for you to share with your friends and family. Sign up to volunteer, host an event, and continue to support the team! Thank you for your continued support to build a brighter future for Fulton County. With gratitude, Team Fani.”

As for the 98-page indictment, some pointed out that Trump and his associates were being charged for such crimes such as encouraging voters to watch conservative news on TV, asking for the phone numbers of state legislators, and reserving rooms for alternate presidential electors.

One of the best takes on the events of Aug. 14 came from a Georgia resident:

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