Trump ‘seriously considering’ pardon for Sheriff Joe, a ‘great American patriot’

by WorldTribune Staff, August 15, 2017

Joe Arpaio, the former sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona, whose refusal to halt his fight against illegal immigration resulted in a criminal contempt conviction, may be pardoned by President Donald Trump, a report said.

Joe Arpaio was convicted of misdemeanor criminal contempt on July 31. / AP

“I am seriously considering a pardon for Sheriff Arpaio,” Trump told Fox News on Aug. 13 during a conversation at his club in Bedminster, New Jersey.

Arpaio “has done a lot in the fight against illegal immigration,” Trump said. “He’s a great American patriot and I hate to see what has happened to him.”

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On July 31, Arpaio was found guilty of misdemeanor criminal contempt for defying a state judge’s order to stop traffic patrols targeting suspected illegal aliens.

“Is there anyone in local law enforcement who has done more to crack down on illegal immigration than Sheriff Joe?” asked Trump. “He has protected people from crimes and saved lives. He doesn’t deserve to be treated this way.”

Arpaio faces up to six months in jail at his Oct. 5 sentencing, but attorneys said he likely won’t serve any time due to his age, he is 85-years-old, and the fact he has no prior convictions.

In a statement after the verdict, Arpaio’s attorneys stated, “The judge’s verdict is contrary to what every single witness testified in the case. Arpaio believes that a jury would have found in his favor, and that it will.”

Arpaio told Fox News that he was “happy” that Trump “understands the case. I would accept the pardon because I am 100 percent not guilty.”

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