Trans surgeries for active-duty military raises questions about readiness

by WorldTribune Staff, April 18, 2024

Currently, the U.S. military offers gender reassignment surgeries to America’s active-duty service members (ADSMs).

The military is providing these surgeries and taxpayers are footing the bill.

Assistant Secretary for Health Adm. Rachel Levine, a biological male who says he’s a woman, with White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre.

“A doctor for the military told me they are doing several a week,” Tracy Beanz noted in an April 16 analysis for UncoverDC. “These individuals are NEVER going to be combat-ready. Not from a mental health standpoint, not from a physical standpoint, at least not for years after surgery. So, why is the U.S. taxpayer paying for these surgeries for ADSM?”

The trans surgeries generally require 1 to 5 days in the hospital followed by 6 to 8 weeks of recovery.

After that, an ADSM could be deployed, right?

“Wrong,” Beanz wrote.

“I decided to go right to the source and watched hundreds of videos of trans people telling their stories after gender reassignment surgery,” Beanz wrote. “6-8 weeks off work. That is for a civilian. Well, a lot more goes into this for people undergoing this surgery. And, after everything I have seen, NONE of the people I followed would EVER be military ready by the military standards.”

Post-op mental health issues are common for transitioners and many end up needing several additional surgeries.

In most of the cases, Beanz noted, it is “a months-long commitment. Again, consider all of this in the context of military readiness for an ADSM in a year.”

Beanz cites the case of one ADSM who is “months out from surgery. Listen to the issues they are still having. Now, picture this person deployed. You can’t. Because they can’t be. For at least half of their ‘contract,’ they would be useless to the military.”

“And there is an even bigger societal problem because there are A LOT of these surgeries being performed all over the country and the world. And from this cultural and political pool, has emerged ‘influencers,’ ” Beanz noted.

“You can ask any detransitioner what they have experienced if they have spoken out. Well, the same is happening for people who have had these surgeries. I came across so many people who built followings on this gender dysphoria, and then… Had a tough time with surgery. And…. made videos dispelling ‘myths’ about the surgeries…while suffering from complications of the surgeries….but couldn’t bring themselves to be honest and face the potential backlash.”

Beanz concluded: “The bottom line for this article is that these procedures are directly impacting our fighting force. You can not replace an ADSM in a unit if they are undergoing these health challenges. It directly impacts readiness. WHY is the USG using taxpayer dollars to make us less safe?”

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