Soros-tied ‘65 Project’ takes aim at Georgia lawyers who assisted former President Trump

by WorldTribune Staff, April 21, 2022

The 65 Project, a leftist dark money group tied to George Soros, made public its request that the State Bar of Georgia discipline three attorneys for their roles in President Donald Trump’s contesting of the 2020 election, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution which cited the group’s statement.

The attorneys are William Bradley Carver of Atlanta and Daryl R. Moody of Alpharetta, and William McCall Calhoun Jr. of Americus who was charged for his alleged role in the Jan. 6, 2021 breach of the U.S. Capitol.

The 65 Project is targeting lawyers who backed President Donald Trump’s contesting of the 2020 election.

Calhoun, in an email to the newspaper, said he did nothing wrong and cited his First Amendment right to freedom of speech.

“The 65 Project — named for the number of failed lawsuits that sought to overturn the election in various states — filed a total of eight complaints against attorneys in various states” on April 18, the Cox Enterprises-owned daily by reported.

Prominent trial attorney Lin Wood, also under attack by the group, noted in a Telegram Post that “one of the lawyers now targeted by the 65 Project and the State B.A.R. of Georgia is Brad Carver of the Atlanta-based law firm of Hall Booth Smith, P.C. (HSB). I have personally known the firm’s founding partners, John Hall, Alex Booth, and Rush Smith for over 40 years. I have litigated cases against each of them. I hold these lawyers and their firm in the highest regard. They are really good, good people and honorable lawyers who litigate aggressively but always within the rules.”

Wood added: “I watched over the years as John, Alex, and Rush grew their firm from a small shop to a powerhouse litigation firm with a national presence. They have been very successful and I have enjoyed watching their growth and success with pride. It is always a pleasure to see your friends who are your long-time legal colleagues flourish, grow, and prosper from their hard work and dedication to their clients.

“I know Brad Carver. He is a friend of mine. Brad Carver is an excellent and entirely ethical litigator. HBS is a non-partisan law firm made up of lawyers who are politically conservative and lawyers who are politically liberal. The firm consists of Republicans and Democrats. The firm knows the rule of law must be non-partisan.”

Wood continued: “The Communist Clinton lawyers who make up The 65 Project did not feel compelled to follow the GA State B.A.R. rules and arrogantly issued a press release about its ethics complaint filed against Brad Carver of Hall Booth Smith P.C. The 65 Project publicly released the actual ethics complaint filed against Brad. Rules for thee, but not for me.

“The complaint against Brad is publicly available for ALL to see. I guess the unlawful public disclosure is part of the stated strategy to shame Brad in his community and destroy his law practice. Brad is a 50-year old lawyer with a wife and family and has a stellar reputation working hard for his law firm, clients, and family.

“Are Georgia lawyers going to allow this type of tyranny to occur and continue without standing together to fight back??? Are lawyers around the nation going to fiddle around while the rule of law is burned to the ground??? I am not. I am fighting back and I will never quit. I called Brad today and told him I was in his corner if he wanted or needed my help in any way.

“The 65 Project must be burned at the stake. …Just sayin.”

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Cleta D. Mitchell faces a similar complaint in Washington for what the 65 Project described as her role in the January 2021 phone call between Trump and Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger in which Democrats and their legacy media allies made a subsequently-debunked claim that Trump asked Raffensperger to “find” enough votes for him to defeat Biden.

David Brock, a beneficiary of George Soros funding and a longtime Clinton operative who founded Media Matters for America and the super PAC American Bridge 21st Century, is advising the 65 Project.

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