Secular McCarthyism: Tyranny by elites threatens the sacred status of marriage and life itself

Jeffrey T. Kuhner

The homosexual lobby is on the verge of a historic victory. The potential consequences will be calamitous for democracy and the family. It will usher in a brave new world marked by cultural decadence and judicial tyranny. Traditional America will be smashed — probably forever.

This week, the Supreme Court heard two landmark cases regarding same-sex unions. The justices are expected to render their decision sometime in the spring.

The first case involves California’s Proposition 8, which bans homosexual marriage. The other is the Defense of Marriage Act, passed by both Republicans and Democrats and signed by President Clinton.

Supporters of gay marriage demonstrate in front of the U.S. Supreme Court on March 26.  /Win McNamee/Getty Images
Supporters of gay marriage demonstrate in front of the U.S. Supreme Court on March 26. /Win McNamee/Getty Images

The goal of liberals (and some conservatives) is to legalize same-sex marriage by using the power of the federal government to redefine an institution that goes back thousands of years. They are seeking to impose a social revolution from above. Their weapon: the courts.

The attempt to roll back Proposition 8 represents a fundamental assault on our democracy. In 2008, the voters of California decided in a free and fair election to retain the historic — and real — definition of marriage as the union between a man and a woman. The referendum passed with nearly 53 percent. Blacks and Hispanics supported it by large majorities. The electorate spoke.

Instead of respecting the vote, however, the homosexual lobby has sought to overturn the will of the people. The courts then nullified the election pending the appeal process. It is now in the hands of the high court.This is a national tragedy — and shame. Democracy is being subordinated to judicial imperialism.

The right of self-government is being supplanted by the rule of unelected and unaccountable elites. It is liberal fascism masquerading as judicial review. Wearing black robes does not give judges the justification to repeal an election. Judges are becoming modern-day fascists, unilaterally wielding state power to trample on legislative prerogatives, democratic freedoms and basic social institutions.

We are slowly ceding power not to a single dictator, but to a gang of legal oligarchs — ideological leftist activists who are legislating from the bench.

If five Supreme Court justices can reverse Proposition 8, then popular elections will be rendered meaningless. We are sliding toward a post-democratic age. This is the inevitable logic of secular liberalism.

Moreover, homosexual marriage has nothing to do with “tolerance” or ending “discrimination.” It is about legitimizing the homosexual lifestyle, compelling society to embrace a radical new morality. Same-sex marriage is a contradiction, an oxymoron. It is an attempt to redefine reality and human nature.

Marriage is the basic institution of society. Its very definition (and essence) is the sacred union between a man and a woman. Its fundamental aim — and the reason for centuries it has held a special status in Western civilization — is to produce, raise and socialize children. It is the social conveyor belt by which one generation is passed on to the next.

Destroy the family, and with it goes the glue holding society together. Homosexuals cannot have children naturally. Their lifestyles and behaviors inevitably lead to a culture of death — the absence of any future human life, the fruits of a marital union.

Liberal activists have been trying desperately to suppress a fundamental truth: Homosexual behavior — for example, sodomy — is unnatural and immoral. This is why it has been historically considered a grave sin in Christianity, Islam and Judaism.

Even deists, such as Thomas Jefferson, believed sodomy so violated public morality that those who practiced it should be castrated.

Yet, by claiming that marriage is a “civil right,” pro-homosexual activists are hoping to portray same-sex marriage critics as intolerant bigots. In fact, their objective is to import the “hate speech” laws common in Europe. This leads to social intolerance and secular McCarthyism, whereby the Bible is viewed as hate literature for its opposition to homosexuality.

The Catholic Church is demonized for its teachings. European Christians and traditionalists face growing persecution, including denial of access to government employment and positions at universities. Marriage is not a right; rather, it is a solemn responsibility and distinct privilege that has been accorded a sacred status because of its overwhelming societal importance. It’s not some kind of a public club open to everyone.

Liberal logic on the issue inevitably paves the way for moral anarchy and social disintegration. If marriage is a civil right, then anyone — including polygamists, bigamists and pedophiles — will demand that they be allowed to form unions. In fact, this is already taking place in Europe, Canada and Brazil, where same-sex marriage has been legalized.

The push for homosexual marriage is a symptom of cultural decay and moral decadence. It reveals a civilization unable or unwilling to defend its most vital institutions. This is why many Americans innately know its wrong. It’s why the homosexual lobby has to crush dissenting voices. The cost, however, is the sabotaging of our democracy.

Jeffrey T. Kuhner is a popular talk radio host at Boston’s WRKO and writes weekly for The Washington Times and

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