Return of Alex Jones deemed threat to credible misinformation


As alternative media personality and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones made his return to the social media platform X (formerly Twitter), members of the mainstream media across the country voiced their displeasure at the thought of having more competition in the misinformation industry.

“We are the only ones qualified to write made-up stories to push a narrative,” said Philip Jennings, columnist for The New York Times. …

Controversy exploded over the weekend after Elon Musk reinstated the X accounts of Jones and Infowars. “How can he do that?!” shouted one unhinged reporter for The Washington Post. … “Everyone is acting like people should be able to just say whatever they want. We won’t stand for this!”

Media experts warn that with Alex Jones freely spreading misinformation on the internet, many will be lured away from the credible, trusted misinformation spread by journalists. “This is dangerous,” said Dr. Blake Rumsey of the Media Analysis Institute. “He must be stopped for the sake of our democracy.”