Psychologist: Parents were ‘sold a lie’ by trans lobby: Many teen patients in crisis

by WorldTribune Staff, May 8, 2022

A psychologist with 16 years of experience in the mental health of children said that parents have been “sold a lie” by the trans lobby and supporters that allowing their children to live at a young age as the opposite gender did not pose a psychological risk.

The trans lobby has convinced people not to worry about “socially transitioning” for young children because it was reversible,” the Daily Mail quoted the psychologist as saying. The Daily Mail agreed to the psychologist’s request for anonymity out of fear of being canceled as a “transphobe.”

The psychologist, however, argues that children whose gender change was affirmed by the adults around them commonly find themselves in an “impossible situation” when they reach puberty.

“Social transition isn’t reversible because what we tell our children for years can’t be reversed,” the psychologist said.

Never before has she seen so many young patients identifying as trans, the doctor said. Those now coming to see her with anxiety or suicidal thoughts had been allowed to transition from one gender to another at an earl age, sometimes even at five or six.

In an article posted online, the psychologist said parents rarely associated the psychological problems that were devastating their children’s lives with their change of gender.

“The parent would be telling me about their teenager, about their mental anguish, suicidal thoughts and self harm, and then they’d drop something in, so casually that I’d almost think I’d missed it, ‘Oh, and he’s a transboy (or girl), transitioned when he (or she) was five (or six or seven), but that’s all fine,’ ” the psychologist wrote.

“When we disconnect them from their biological sex we set up patterns of denial and secrets. We set them up to hate their bodies at puberty, to beg for [puberty] blockers and binders, because for years we told them they could change sex and they believed us – but their body knows otherwise,” the psychologist wrote.

“They become desperate to go back to the years when no one knew any different, but that time will never come again. Time is not reversible. What we grow up being told in our childhood matters for our whole lives.”

The Daily Mail reported last month that one in every 15 pupils at a leading UK secondary school identifies as transgender or non-binary.

The majority have identified as transgender since most Covid-19 lockdown restrictions were lifted last summer, raising concern about the impact of online trans “influencers” on youngsters who were largely confined to their homes for months.

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