Poll: 8 of 10 Americans want Biden to get local approval before dumping migrants

by WorldTribune Staff, April 7, 2021

Americans do not want Team Biden to dump migrants who cross the southern in their towns without the approval of local authorities, a new poll found.

Under Joe Biden’s policy, thousands of migrants who illegally cross the border are put no buses and shipped throughout the U.S.

As Joe Biden releases thousands of illegal immigrants into the U.S., the poll conducted by Tipp Insights found that 79 percent of respondents want local approval to be required before migrants can be bused in to their towns.

“The migrants from the Biden border surge are being nabbed along the Rio Grande, the Arizona deserts and the remoteness of New Mexico and southern California. But they’re not staying there,” Stephen Dinan noted in an April 1 report for The Washington Times.

“Haitians and Cubans are fanning out to Florida, while Central Americans are surging into New York, California and the Washington, D.C., area.”

Some are calling the Team Biden policy “catch-and-bus,” a play on the Border Patrol’s newly revived policy of catch-and-release.

The respondents in the Tipp Insights poll also said they want migrants tested for the coronavirus and to undergo DNA tests that would prove their claims of having relatives in the U.S.

The poll was conducted for the National Sheriffs’ Association last week.

The poll was released by Sheriff Mark Dannels of Cochise County, Arizona, the chairman of the National Sheriffs’ Association Border Security Committee.

“Americans favor stricter measures at the border. Now the question is, will the government listen to their opinion and implement policies that garner the country’s support,” Dannels said.

A majority in the poll said the news media should have unrestricted access to the detention centers and shelters where authorities are holding migrant minors.

Those surveyed also want American citizens who are affected by the coronavirus to get economic help first. Some 78 percent said Americans should be the priority for funding.

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