Political gamblers keep their money on Trump as Feds enhance his ‘outsider’ image

by WorldTribune Staff, August 6, 2023

The pursuit of Donald Trump by Joe Biden’s weaponized Department of Justice has only served to enhance the former president’s image as a D.C. “outsider” and solidify his standing as the front runner for 2024 among political gamblers.

The gambling site Covers puts Donald Trump with a 73 percent probability of winning with Ron DeSantis at just 16 percent.

Betting odds favor Trump triumphing over the multiple criminal charges he faces and going on to win the GOP presidential nomination and the presidency.

“Gamblers pouring money into political betting sites heavily favor Trump over Gov. Ron DeSantis despite facing three indictments and other legal hurdles,” Washington Examiner columnist Paul Bedard noted.

The gambling news site Covers showed Trump with a 73% probability of victory. DeSantis is second at 16%.

“The recent legal allegations around Trump only bolster his image as a ‘political outsider’ fighting against the establishment and fuel his support among his base,” Covers analyst Rohit Ponnaiya told Bedard.

Former Vice President Mike Pence is far behind and is tied in the betting pool with an undeclared candidate, Tucker Carlson.

Joe Biden, meanwhile, “remains largely uncontested within his own party, with Gavin Newsom not running and Robert Kennedy Jr. having more support from across the aisle. Biden will be locked in first unless someone else steps up to challenge him, and Trump will remain on top unless somebody like DeSantis is able to turn his campaign around at the primary,” Ponnaiya added.

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