Pelosi and Democrat contingent takes unannounced trip to Kyiv on U.S. taxpayers’ dime

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, May 1, 2022

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat Party want all Americans to know that for those suffering under inflation, the violent crime epidemic, and the emergency at the U.S. southern border, all of which they are responsible for creating, “support is on the way” — for Ukraine.

In an unannounced visit via U.S. taxpayer dollars, Pelosi and several top Democrat House members traveled to Kyiv to meet with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky over the weekend.

Nancy Pelosi and fellow travelers meet with Ukrainian President Zelensky in Kyiv. / Ukrainian Presidential Press Office

“Our delegation traveled to Kyiv to send an unmistakable and resounding message to the entire world: America stands firmly with Ukraine,” Pelosi’s group said in a statement. “When we return to the United States, we will do so further informed, deeply inspired, and ready to do what is needed to help the Ukrainian people as they defend democracy for their nation and for the world.”

Which left many Americans asking when they will get “further informed” and “inspired” to “do what is needed” on the homefront for those paying their salaries.

Joining Pelosi on the trip to Ukraine were Foreign Affairs Committee Chair Gregory Meeks of New York, Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff of California, and Rules Committee Chair Jim McGovern of Massachusetts.

The Pelosi delegation said it would work with Team Biden to pass a $33 billion aid package for Ukraine. Joe Biden last week called on Congress to pass the measure, while also announcing another $800 million in security assistance for the country.

Apparently, Democrats feel the need to spend the money they saved by not securing the U.S. southern border.

Meanwhile, as the Democrats flew to Ukraine on taxpayer money for a nice stroll through Kyiv with Zelensky, residents of a large number of U.S. cities were scared to leave their homes amid skyrocketing violent crime rates.

Colorado Democrat Rep. Jason Crow, a member of the House Intelligence and Armed Services Committee, laid out clearly just what Democrats want for Ukraine.

“Weapons, weapons, and weapons,” he said, adding: “We have to make sure the Ukrainians have what they need to win. What we have seen in the last two months is their ferocity, their intense pride, their ability to fight, and their ability to win if they have the support to do so.”

Which begs the question, will Democrats provide “the support” needed for Americans to win in America?

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