Of course he’s coming back and here’s only part of what’s he’s got in mind


We know that his return is inevitable and that he will soon reclaim the presidency and set right what has gone awry.

Here are [only some of the] things Trump will do when he returns to power:

  • Welcome back Mike Pence, just to tell him he’s fired: It’ll be the highest ratings for a single episode of The Apprentice. Maybe ever.
  • Invade Afghanistan so he can show how much better he would be at withdrawing from Afghanistan: He’s been dreaming about this one every night when he goes to sleep .
  • Finish building that wall, but make Hunter Biden pay for it: Hunter will borrow from Joe, who will borrow from China. 4D chess!
  • Make everything at the dollar store $1 again: And abolish the fed.
  • Sneak out of the Oval Office for a quick 9 holes: Trump needs to keep his golf skills sharp so he can challenge Putin to a match for the fate of Russia.
  • Buy Greenland and make Mexico pay for it: And then drill for oil like there’s no tomorrow.


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