Not satire: Norwegian feminist who said men can’t be lesbians investigated for hate speech

by WorldTribune Staff, June 3, 2022

This really happened.

In January 2021, Norway put “gender identity” into its hate crime laws. Opponents of the move had warned the adjustment could lead to persecution for stating biological facts.

Christina Ellingsen

Now it is being reported that law enforcement in Norway are investigating a representative of the Women’s Declaration International (WDI) feminist organization over tweets in which she challenged a trans activist who claims that biological males can be lesbians.

Christina Ellingsen criticized the Norwegian trans activist group Foreningen FRI in October for teaching children that males can be lesbians. She also called out one the group’s advisers, Christine Marie Jentoft, who is a biological male identifying as a lesbian woman. Jentoft filed a police complaint that prompted law enforcement to question Ellingsen.

Ellingsen faces up to three years in prison if she is found to have violated Norway’s hate speech laws, according to the Reduxx news outlet.

“Why [does] FRI teach young people that males can be lesbians? Isn’t that conversion therapy?” Ellingsen reportedly said last October, in one of the alleged tweets that is part of the hate speech investigation against her.

In a second tweet, Ellingsen wrote: “Jentoft, who is male and an advisor in FRI, presents himself as a lesbian – that’s how bonkers the organization which supposedly works to protect young lesbians’ interests is. How does it help young lesbians when males claim to be lesbian, too?”

Ellingsen has also been accused by Amnesty International Norway of harassing Jentoft after arguing on national television that the trans-female activist was a male, according to The European Union Times.

“You are a man. You cannot be a mother,” Ellingsen reportedly told Jentoft. “To normalize the idea that men can be mothers is a defined form of discrimination against women.”

Last year, Norwegian media reported a man was sentenced to three weeks in jail and a hefty fine after being found guilty of “insulting” and “misgendering” a trans person on Facebook.

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