Noor bin Laden covers Davos: Trump ‘was the center of conversation’

by WorldTribune Staff, January 21, 2024

Independent journalist Noor bin Laden, niece of Osama bin Laden, spent the past week covering the globalist elites at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland and came away with some distinctive conclusions.

“Even though President Trump was not here, he was very much the center of conversation here in Davos,” she said.

Noor bin Laden: ‘They will spare nothing in 2024.’

The meeting this year “wasn’t really climate change or Ukraine but censorship,” Noor told Human Event editor Jack Posobiec.

Before the meetings convened, a report was released on the top ten risks, she said. At the top of the list was misinformation. They want to do everything in their power to control speech ahead of the 2024 election, she said.

To Noor, who broke from the bin Laden family to become a strong conservative and supporter of Donald Trump, WEF stands for “We End Freedom.”

“It is very much a spiritual battle we are in and these people, there is no other way to say it, are very much evil and their agenda is absolutely evil.”

“Who elected these people? Who chose them to be the ‘guardians of trust’?”

Noor told Posobiec that the U.S. needs to reclaim “all these institutions that have been infiltrated” by globalists.

“If America falls, the rest of the world falls. We need a strong America,” Noor said.

“They will spare nothing in 2024,” she predicted.

In a 2020 profile of Noor bin Landen, the New York Post noted:

Noor, who said she regularly wears a “Make America Great Again” hat (and occasionally a Trump bedtime onesie), has had to confront many Trump-haters on her side of the Atlantic. During a recent trip to the grocery store while wearing the iconic red cap, Noor was accosted.

“I am minding my own business and this woman in her late 50s charges toward me and starts speaking very loudly and aggressively to me,” she recalled. “She’s yelling at me and saying how can I be wearing this and Trump is the worst president ever and she’s basically dumping on my beloved president … She told me three times, ‘You’re stupid.’ I kept my cool, and needless to say I kept my hat!”

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