‘No’: D.C. journalist, unmistakably female, gives LinkedIn and all tyrants her final answer

by WorldTribune Staff, February 22, 2022

He/him, she/her, they/them, he/they, she/they, ze/hir … and the rest. How about — No/No?

The author of “Emily Gets Her Gun” (about the challenges imposed on gun ownership in the nation’s capital) has had enough.

After being prompted by LinkedIn to enter her “pronouns,” D.C. investigative reporter Emily Miller declared: “I am saying ‘no’ to being told I have to go along with the politically correct social media bios that say he/him she/her and then the other ones that make no sense.”

“No to being forced by the woke mob to go along with the virtue signaling to please corporate America,” Miller wrote in a Feb. 17 post to her substack.com newsletter.

Miller at first did not update her pronouns on LinkedIn, the social media platform that controls corporate jobs and professional careers.

“It’s not like the other social media — Facebook, Twitter, Instagram — where we can share our opinions without getting caught by bosses, advertisers, investors, future employers,” Miller wrote.

But, after updating her pronouns on other platforms, Miller said she “realized that exposing the problem with how far the woke mob has pushed us is not enough. I needed to give a solution. So I went back and changed all my social media profiles to this: Pronouns: No/No.”

Miller added: “I probably would not have been so triggered by the LinkedIn pronouns prompt if I hadn’t been told to leave an office today because I wasn’t wearing a mask. I stormed back to my car to get a cheap Amazon mask that will do nothing to prevent me from getting Covid nor prevent spreading it to others.”

Miller continued: “I said it was my last straw when D.C. mandated vaccines for going into restaurants and bars and gyms. I meant it is the last time I will concede any of this may possibly have to do with public health. This pandemic took away too much of our freedom to speak freely (censorship) and make our own personal health decisions (vaccine mandates.)”

Miller said she will not get the Covid shot “no matter what they say or do. I’m not wearing a mask to make anxious people feel better. I am not giving pronouns to pretend that anyone would think I am anything other than a woman.”

Miller noted that she was “the first woman to get a gun carry permit in Washington, D.C.” and has “earned the right to have my gender not be questioned.”

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