New Zealand prime minister admits creating 2 classes of people

by WorldTribune Staff, October 25, 2021

In the new normal New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern gleefully admits she is creating two classes of people with different rights — those vaccinated against Covid-19 will have rights superior to those who are not.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern

In an interview with the New Zealand Herald last week, Ardern was asked if her policies are meant to create a system of two classes of people in New Zealand society.

“That is what it is, yep, yep,” Ardern responded as she smiled.

“What’s become clear to me is that [vaccine certificates] they’re not just a tool to drive up vaccines, they’re a tool for confidence” she said. “People who have been vaccinated will want to know that they’re around other vaccinated people. They’ll want to know they’re in a safe environment.”

Ardern said unvaccinated New Zealanders will not have the same level of freedom as their vaccinated countrymen.

“If you are still unvaccinated, not only will you be more at risk of catching Covid-19, but many of the freedoms others enjoy will be out of reach. No one wants that to happen, but we need to minimize the threat of the virus, which is now mainly spreading amongst unvaccinated people,” she claimed.

Ardern’s plan was sharply criticized by the Māori Party, a minority political party in New Zealand. Officials within the party compared the plan to “Squid Game,” the hit Netflix show where contestants compete in games and the losers are executed.

The Telegraph reported:

Under a “red” setting in the new traffic-light system, those who are vaccinated will be able to move around and use services relatively freely. Businesses will also remain open.

However, those who are not vaccinated will face much tougher restrictions. They will only be able to gather in groups of up to 10 and will not be able to use “close contact” businesses, such as restaurants, bars and gyms.

Ardern’s government announced that 90 percent of New Zealand’s residents need to be fully vaccinated before the country begins loosening Covid restrictions. Less than 70 percent of New Zealand’s eligible population is currently vaccinated, Reuters reported.

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