New survey: 53 percent of Americans see the FBI as ‘Joe Biden’s personal Gestapo’

by WorldTribune Staff / 247 Real News August 19, 2022

A majority of likely voters — 53 percent — say they view the FBI now as “Joe Biden’s personal Gestapo” that is being using to persecute Democrats’ political enemies, according to a new Rassmussen Reports survey.

The majority agreed with the statement that “there is a group of politicized thugs at the top of the FBI that are using the FBI as Joe Biden’s personal Gestapo,” the survey said.

When the same question was posed in a Rasmussen poll in December, just 46 percent of likely voters agreed.

The new survey was suggested by New York Post columnist Miranda Devine, who wrote that conservatives are fed up with the FBI, while liberals, once the agency’s biggest critics, have found a new tingle up their legs.

“Among Republicans, a staggering 76% agree with the Roger Stone quote that there is ‘a group of politicized thugs at the top of the FBI who are using the FBI . . . as Joe Biden‘s personal Gestapo.’ About half (49%) of independents and a sizable 37% of Democrats also view the FBI as Biden’s Gestapo, while 72% of liberals disagree,” Devine wrote.

“Liberals are happy because a politicized agency is coming after their ideological enemies, particularly their bête noire, Trump. It’s a stark turnaround from the days of decrying the FBI’s efforts to target Martin Luther King. The Left has discarded any pretense of caring about civil liberties or injustice and instead sneers at conservatives who they claim are the ones who have jettisoned their core principles and now are ‘anti-cop.’ ”

“The agency’s standing is at rock bottom among Republicans and conservatives, and not too healthy with independents and moderates,” she said.

“God knows Trump is no saint, and we still don’t know what the FBI was looking for in the documents they seized on Monday of last week. But it will need to be a national-security emergency to justify sending dozens of armed agents to raid a former president’s home and rifle through his wife’s underwear three months before the midterms,” Devine wrote.

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