Message to Rep. Ocasio-Cortez from a Trump ‘sycophant’: Please put me on top of your ‘list’

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By John McNabb

My brother Mark sent me a message yesterday that I am named on a couple of recently announced Democrat hit lists.

One list is being put together by a young woman in Congress with the last names of Ocasio-Cortez. AOC? Nah let’s stick with simply OC.

She believes that Trump supporters are “sycophants” and are due recriminations for their support of our 45th president, Donald John Trump. This gnomic lady is known for her mouth and is apparently admired for making Marxist rhetoric cool again.

OC, let’s look at your history. I believe that you have a four-year college degree. I also have read from your bio that you learned your business acumen working at low level restaurant jobs. And now in Congress. That’s a success story?

And you are calling me a sycophant? An incredible joke from a young person with more attitude than accomplishments.

Your main impact in Congress to date has been to deny Amazon moving a New York City headquarters into your district costing your constituents the opportunity for 25,000 high paying jobs.

So OC please put me at the top of your Democrat hit list as a Trump supporter and supposed sycophant.

By the way I have never met a sycophant who flew over 130 combat sorties over North Vietnam and Laos and was awarded numerous Air Medals and the Distinguished Flying Cross. Working as a bartender is much different than sweating blood flying combat. You probably don’t know of my military decorations anyway or care.

You have warmed to a different kind of warfare: That Washington blood sport of advancing yourself and your agenda at the expense of others. Self-obsession can be a major problem for someone who is technically a servant to one’s electorate

I don’t watch television and haven’t for years. But I read and have read some of the incomparable gibberish that has come out your ample mouth.

The author in 1969, with the 355th Tactical Fighter Wing at Takhli Royal Thai Air Force Base. / John McNabb

But back to lists. You can find me on All Conference and All America College Football lists and lists of former corporate chief executive officers. I have been involved in approximately $30 billion of deal transactions creating jobs and value in our American economy. What have you done?

OC if you want to have some fun, let’s discuss climate change. I have forgotten more than you know about that subject.  You appear to have a history of out kicking your coverage when you open your mouth.

Yes, I am a Trump supporter and early on assisted with our president’s economic plan. President Trump will go down as one of best economic presidents in our nation’s history. Record ever low unemployment for both African Americans and Hispanic Americans. Lowest unemployment for American women since the Korean War about seventy years ago. The third quarter 2020 saw the single largest quarterly economic gain in our nation’s history and the multiple S&P and Dow Jones Industrial Average records. The rebirth of American manufacturing occurred under President Trump’s watch.  And now a very possible COVID-19 vaccine on President Trump’s watch.

I am not a politician as you can surmise. I have accomplished much for our nation and I deeply care for her. America isn’t a political game like you play. It’s about trust in government which you haven’t helped.

As I think about the list where you have placed me, what are you and your leftist colleagues going to do with us? Are we to be rounded up and sequestered or loaded onto trains? In any case, you have personally threatened me.

What in God’s name is happening to our wonderful country?

I have many, many friends in our Congress. I plan to share this with them. This missive will be read in over twenty countries and sent to approximately one million email addresses worldwide.

John T. McNabb is co-founder of the Trump Leadership Council and former chairman and CEO of Willbros Group. He also serves as chairman of the Free Press Foundation Advisory Board.

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