‘Listen to Dr. Fauci’: Analysts, Levin level Biden’s ‘demagogue’ address to the nation

by WorldTribune Staff, March 12, 2021

Analysts noted that Joe Biden, in his Thursday prime time address, made several false claims, failed to give credit to President Donald Trump’s Operation Warp Speed, and threatened to re-impose lockdowns if his orders aren’t obeyed.

All in a day’s work for Team Biden.

Joe Biden addresses the nation on March 11.

Of course Big Tech didn’t issue any bans or warnings on Biden “disinformation,” even tough there was plenty of it, analysts say.

Radio and TV host Mark Levin noted that Biden’s address was “the most disgusting propagandistic speech that a demagogue has ever given.”

In an appearance on the Thursday broadcast of Fox News’s “Hannity”, Levin said:

“I used to think Joe Biden was a doddering fool. He couldn’t tell his sister from his wife and he didn’t know the name of the secretary of defense and there you are mocking him for not having press conferences.

“Now I know why he doesn’t have press conferences. He’s busy inventing the vaccines and figuring out how to distribute them.”

Levin continued: “Little did we know, he is not a doddering old fool, but an egomaniac and a narcissist taking credit for the work of Donald Trump and all these other people. He has been working like no president in American history. He is the modern-day Jonas Salk.”

“This man has exploited this pandemic like no politician has ever exploited a pandemic.”

Levin recalled that “last summer, before we had a vaccine, just in case one of these would work, contracted and paid for 800 million doses to cover 400 million people. On December 23, when only Pfizer and Moderna had received emergency authorizations, the Trump administration went in and they ordered another 200 million vaccinations. Where you think these vaccines are coming from? You think they’re coming from Joe Biden in the basement? They didn’t have any idea what was going on, in terms of the distribution process.”

Levin concluded: “The Democratic governors have destroyed their economies, people can’t get out of their states fast enough to go to Republican states. This is a disgrace, what Joe Biden did, and by the way, he says it’s a war on the virus. Well, who started the war? Communist China, his friends. What did he say about communist China today? Not a thing.”

The Federalist’s Tristan Justice noted that Biden “threatened Americans to obey Dr. Anthony Fauci’s pandemic edicts.”

“We need everyone to get vaccinated. We need everyone to keep washing their hands. We need everyone to keep wearing the mask,” Biden said from the White House, after telling the American people if they follow Dr. Anthony Fauci’s orders, they might get to spend the Fourth of July holiday with their friends and neighbors. But, Biden maintained, “that doesn’t mean large events.”

Biden offered no guarantees for re-opening even as he “pledged every American adult would be eligible for a coronavirus vaccine by May 1,” Justice wrote.

“Listen to Dr. Fauci,” Biden said — or else. “If we don’t stay vigilant, and the conditions change, then we may have to re-instate restrictions.”

“We will issue guidance on what you can and cannot do when fully vaccinated,” Biden added.

The Daily Wire’s Ryan Saavedra noted that Biden “repeatedly failed to give credit to the Trump administration for all the work that it did to get vaccines developed in historic time.”

Former HHS Assistant Secretary for Health Admiral Brett Giroir, the federal official overseeing coronavirus testing efforts, has repeatedly slammed the Biden administration for its false claim that the Trump administration left them “starting from scratch,” with “no plan” to carry out vaccinations, and failed to secure enough vaccine supply. Even left-wing publications and fact-checkers have debunked these claims.

“I am so tired of the continuing lies that @potus inherited a #COVID19Vaccine mess, when in fact 99% of current vaccine manufacturing and distribution is EXACTLY as planned and explicitly described by Trump Administration’s Operation Warp Speed,” Giroir tweeted.

Biden also lied about the Johnson & Johnson-Merck “breakthrough.”

Biden said on Thursday: “In fact, just yesterday, I announced — and I met with the CEOs of both companies — I announced our plan to buy an additional 100 million doses of Johnson & Johnson vaccines. These two companies — competitors — have come together for the good of the nation, and they should be applauded for it.”

Even leftist publications caught the lie. The Washington Post noted that “the breakthrough touted by Biden was first conceived by Trump officials last year, culminating in a Jan. 4 conference call arranged between Merck and Johnson & Johnson’s senior leaders.”

The Washington Post added: “Moncef Slaoui — a registered Democrat and pharmaceutical industry veteran who helped lead Trump’s Operation Warp Speed initiative to speed vaccine development — expressed bewilderment about the blame directed by Biden and his top advisers at the early immunization effort, which equipped the United States with multiple vaccines as well as contracts allowing the government to snap up more supply than any other country.”

“Honestly I find that unwarranted, unwise and un-understandable,” said Slaoui, who resigned at the Biden administration’s request. “I’m amazed that people felt the need to belittle the work that was done.”

Before leaving office, President Donald Trump contracted 800 million vaccine doses, enough for 400 million people, which is more than the U.S. population.

As far as the vaccination timeline is concerned, Lt. Gen. Paul Ostrowski (Ret.), Operation Warp Speed Supply, Production & Distribution Director, stated in November that “100% of Americans that want the vaccine will have had the vaccine” by June. That is very similar to the goal that Biden announced on Thursday.

Biden said: “When I came into office, you may recall, I set a goal that many of you said was, kind of, way over the top. I said I intended to get 100 million shots in people’s arms in my first 100 days in office. Tonight, I can say we are not only going to meet that goal, we’re going to beat that goal.”

Saavedra noted: “This is false. On Trump’s final day in office, 1.6 million vaccines were given to Americans and the pace of vaccinating a million Americans a day had effectively been met just two days after Biden took office, according to Bloomberg News, whose data showed that the rates of vaccination had been increasing in the weeks before Biden took over and continued to increase at approximately the same pace throughout Biden’s first week in office.”

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