Lindell: ‘Foreign adversaries’ used 2010 U.S. census data for attack on 2020 election

Special to WorldTribune, March 31, 2021

by R. Clinton Ohlers

Mike Lindell has announced the release of three new films detailing additional evidence of U.S. election fraud.

Two are scheduled for this week. Lindell described the evidence, amassed over almost three months of investigations as significant enough to overturn the 2020 presidential election, down-ballot elections in multiple states, and the Georgia senate run-off elections on Jan. 5.

In reality, Mike Lindell said, Joe Biden received “a little over 66 million” votes whereas turnout for Donald Trump “was a little under 80 million.”

“Absolute Interference: Fact . . . Foreign Adversaries Hacked America’s Election”, focuses on new evidence for the controversial claim made in the final third of Lindell’s earlier documentary, “Absolute Proof“, that cyber-attacks coming from China and other countries flipped the 2020 election for Joe Biden.

“In Absolute Proof, we had all these cyber attacks from China and from other countries where we knew the IP addresses, the IDs of the computers and, over here, where they hacked into,” and “were they let in or did they break the firewall, how much was the flip in that particular stack, and so on,” Lindell said, speaking to Steve Bannon in The War Room on Friday.

“Since Feb.5, when Absolute Proof came out, we have validated the IP addresses, the IDs in the computers, both here and overseas, and in China,” Lindell said.

The most dramatic discovery, Lindell says, is that outdated 2010 U.S. Census data provided the template for voter distributions in the attack on the 2020 election. If true, the discovery he described is akin to a smoking gun at a crime scene.

This finding, only recently made known to Lindell’s team by Pennsylvania investigators, also demonstrated that the pattern of vote flipping was not just limited to the six states in question, and was not limited only to Dominion machines, Lindell said. According to the investigators, the phenomenon occurred nationwide and significantly altered election results even in states Trump nevertheless still won, such as Ohio.

“Donald Trump won Ohio by 7 or 8 percent. I already knew it was double that,” Lindell recounted. “I said to him, with your math, what do you think the actual number was? He said Donald Trump won by 16 percent.”

The steal, both investigations assert, occurred nationwide and swung the popular vote in addition to the Electoral College. “It was the same algorithms throughout the entire country” and “across every state,” Lindell said.

The investigation independently “confirms every other steal” and matches his own team’s findings with incredible precision, Lindell reported.

“It’s like a 1,000-prong light socket and it fits perfectly.”

In reality, Lindell said, Biden received “a little over 66 million” votes whereas turnout for Donald Trump “was a little under 80 million.”

If Lindell and the Pennsylvania investigator are correct, computer systems not only flipped votes, they also generated votes whole cloth. Their estimate of the real outcome of the election means over 9 million votes were created for Biden, where no actual voter existed. Nationwide, another 6 million votes also would have to be flipped from Trump to Biden.

Peter Navarro estimated a total 3,069,000 illegal votes in the six problematic states of Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. That leaves 6 million votes, at a theoretical bare minimum, that had to be created in other states.

If true, this scenario explains the 202,000 more votes than registered voters in Pennsylvania. It would also indicate that the tried and true types of voter fraud, such as ballot box stuffing, that Rudy Giuliani and others attempted to present to the courts, what Lindell calls “organic cheating,” worked in tandem with cyber fraud, with the 2010 Census providing a template for vote creation.

The 2010 Census and the 2020 Election

The significance of the 2010 Census data in this scenario appears to have been be to function as a master template for settings by which computer algorithms operated. Presumably, the 2010 census provided a safe margin to minimize the risk of detection while also providing data sets sufficient to enable algorithms to function across the entire country.

What the independent investigator claims to have uncovered, first in Pennsylvania and then elsewhere, was that in every Pennsylvania county, vote totals matched percentage of population for every demographic group as reported in 2010. For example, 18-year-old Pennsylvanians were reported to have voted in numbers matching their representation of the state’s population as reported in 2010. The same for 20-year-olds, 21-one-year olds, etc., across the board.

But it didn’t only occur in Pennsylvania, Lindell says. To compare, the investigator looked at Ohio, where machine interference was assumed not to have happened. However, the same pattern held. Remarkably, every country in Ohio also matched the 2010 data.

In other words, votes appeared to have been generated so that the resulting totals matched 2010 population distributions. The pattern held across every state studied, including states where Trump won handily.

The result in Ohio, according to Lindell, was that a 16 percent lead by Trump was reduced to a 7 or 8 percent lead. The result in Pennsylvania was that Trump’s lead was converted to a loss.

However, because the 2010 data is out of date, using it left traces in multiple ways. Two outliers provided further confirmation, Lindell reported.

Counties where voter turnout exceeded 100 percent of registered or eligible voters corresponded to counties that had larger populations in 2010 than they did in 2020. In these counties, voter turnout matched the 2010 census data, contradicting the actual decline in population during the intervening decade.

The discovery of greater than 100 percent turnout in multiple precincts in the six contested states was one of the extraordinary anomalies of the 2020 election, in a world where 80 percent turnout is considered remarkably high, and average turnout for presidential elections is 60 percent of eligible voters. The 2010 census data provides an explanation.

A second confirming outlier came from Colorado, Lindell reports. There, a single county at first appeared to disconfirm the findings, by bucking the trend with an extraordinarily low voter turnout of 50 percent. It turned out the county is home to a prison with an inmate population comprising half the county’s total inhabitants.

Voting Machines All Online

Asked by Bannon whether Dominion was an unknowing and active participant with the Chinese Communist Party in direct interference, and if he had evidence of this, Lindell replied:

“One hundred percent they were actors, they were part of this. Not 96 percent. We have recordings, we have all kinds of stuff. With foreign interference . . . you have to have domestic actors here who played a part, too. Dominion was a part of it. We’ll find out who all the actors were.”

States thought to be free of interference due to using non-Dominion machines, were not, Lindell says. “Texas had ES&S. Fifty thousand votes were flipped in Dallas before noon on Election Day.”

The effect on down-ticket voting was also greater than previously realized, Lindell said.

“Everyone should be concerned. Do you now how many down tickets were flipped? If you are in Detroit, John James, yes, you really won, John. The two senators down in Georgia? They both lost by a ton. We are going to show all that.”

The only solution, Lindell said, is a complete return to paper ballots and hand counting. “You have to destroy every machine,” he said. “I don’t care who made them. You can never have a machine that goes online in this country again for an election.”

Lindell says that he and his lawyers are confident the evidence they have collected is of such a nature that it will establish legal standing and compel a hearing in the Supreme Court.

“There’s no statute of limitations on a crime of this magnitude,” Lindell said.

Quadrupling Down

Alluding to Dominion Voting System’s existing $1.3 billion lawsuit against Lindell and its just announced $1.6 billion lawsuit against Fox News, Bannon said, “I don’t think I’d call this doubling down. I think I would call it quadrupling down.”

Lindell said they have testimony from whistleblowers inside and outside of Dominion Voting Systems, but for their security would not reveal whether the Dominion whistleblowers are in any of the films.

“Even if you are a Democrat, or Republican, you should be very concerned when you see all this,” Lindell told Bannon, “that this was an attack by China …  foreign interference.”

Over the next six weeks, Lindell said, his team plans to post its evidence, including that not covered in the films, on, aka Frank, a new social media platform sponsored by Lindell and scheduled to launch later this week, simultaneously with Absolute Interference.

The films will also be available on

“It’s going to be to the point that the only announcement I’ll to be able to make is, ‘Hey, if you work for Dominion and you were part of this crime against humanity, turn yourself in,’ ” Lindell said. “Save yourself some jail time.”

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