Kirsch: Leaked NZ data is ‘unassailable proof’ that Covid shots ‘increase your risk of death’

by WorldTribune Staff, January 25, 2024

The New Zealand health data leaked by whistleblower Barry Young “is unassailable proof” that the Covid injections “increase your risk of death,” Vaccine Safety Research Foundation founder Steve Kirsch noted in a Jan. 21 analysis.

Those pushing the shots “will do everything to gaslight you into believing otherwise,” Kirsch wrote, adding that “the one thing they won’t do is have a civil debate on the time-series analysis or explain to anyone how it is wrong.”

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Young, an Oracle DBA at Health New Zealand, leaked the data to Kirsch who said he “obfuscated it to preserve privacy, and then made it publicly available for everyone to see.”

Kirsch noted the New Zealand data includes:

This is for doses 2 through 4. Doses 2 and 4 are given when the death rate is going down. Dose 3 is given when the seasonal death rate is increasing. There are 1.7 times as many person days in the 2,4 cohort vs. the dose 3 cohort. So the slope should be going down. It doesn’t. It goes up. This is the smoking gun. Nobody can explain it. This happens in other countries as well.

You can also look at Dose 4 alone. I picked everyone who got the shot in July 2022 so I could track this vs. the background deaths in NZ. The death rate goes up if you got the shot while the rest of New Zealand’s death rate is falling.

These examples, Kirsch wrote, “are simply unexplainable if the vaccines are safe.”

Young was arrested last month and charged with accessing a computer system for dishonest purposes.

The reality is that Health New Zealand “has given us a gift,” Kirsch wrote. “When Barry has his day in court, he gets to do something none of us have been able to do: force these people to answer the questions we’ve always wanted to know the answer to but they always refused to answer.”

The questions include:

What reports did the epidemiologists create based on the NZ data showing the vaccine reduces all-cause mortality in New Zealand?

What investigations were made by Health New Zealand after Barry Young informed management there was a safety problem with the COVID vaccine?

How did the New Zealand epidemiologists at Health New Zealand explain the time-series analysis of the leaked data? The time-series analysis shows the vaccines increased the risk of death. If the vaccine didn’t cause this, then why were recently vaccinated people dying at a progressively higher rate than the rest of New Zealand (those of the same age). What did all these people have in common that accelerated their death if it wasn’t the vaccine?

“None of the leadership team at Health New Zealand is interested in the fact that their database shows they are killing New Zealanders with these vaccines,” Kirsch wrote. “They will not let me speak to any of their epidemiologists and they won’t show me the time series analysis done by their epidemiologists for some reason. Why not? That’s the best way to silence me: just show me how I got it wrong.”

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