Just in time: Cases of new Covid ‘variant’ spiking as another round of ‘vaccines’ is introduced

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, August 21, 2023

It’s called Eris – the most recent “Covid variant” and cases are reportedly spiking in the United States.

The UK, Ireland, and Australia are also apparently Eris-infected.

The mask gestapo is loving it.

So is Big Pharma.

So, what is Eris really about?

Those who have made massive bank off of Covid need to “keep it alive” as they prepare to ship off the “next round of Covid ‘vaccines’ next month,” the Off-Guardian blog noted. “For those who have lost count, I think we’re up to six or seven shots now.”

Moderna has even come out to claim that it conducted a “trial” showing its updated shot protects against Eris.

“Considering Eris first hit the headlines just a few weeks ago it looks like Moderna may have broken their own record in terms of speedy ‘trials,’ ” the blog noted.

The new round of injections really has “nothing to do with Eris, of course, as much as the language in the headlines implies it’s been ‘adapted’ for the latest variant, it hasn’t. It was in the works before Eris was even said to exist,” the blog continued. “It’s just the same old slop it always was. Hell, let’s be honest, it could be water. It could be ANYTHING.”

The content of what was in the shots going in billions of arms “was never the important part,” the blog noted. “After all, what you were being injected with wasn’t the point, the point was that you got injected because they told you to.”

Forced obedience and “governments handing over VAST amounts of cash to pharmaceutical companies,” were prioritized over “the science.”

But, the blog inquired, “they already have the money, and most people (allegedly) took the vaccine…so why are they still going?”

“You have to appreciate the huge amount of effort that went into hypnotizing millions – maybe billions – of people into acting against their own best interests, it’s a spell that’s easier to maintain than restart. If they start letting people forget, then soon they’ll have to begin the ritual all over again.”

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