Jovan Pulitzer: Fulton County began destroying ballots ‘4 hours after I was asked to inspect them’

by WorldTribune Staff, January 1, 2021

Inventor Jovan Pulitzer said that, not long after he was “asked” by a Georgia state Senate subcommittee to audit absentee ballots in Fulton County, trucks pulled up to a county facility where ballots were stored, loaded them up, and took them away.

Jovan Pulitzer

Following a Wednesday hearing on election integrity, Georgia’s Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Elections unanimously passed a motion to request an audit of absentee ballots in Fulton County using a method outlined by Pulitzer.

Pulitzer told the Monica Matthews podcast on Thursday about the alleged destruction of evidence in the disputed Georgia election.

“I’d like your permission of you and your fine audience that as I answer you that I have your permission to piss you off,” Pulitzer said. “The very minute that order went through and that order was followed, and all the legal notices were done, it didn’t even take four hours later where moving trucks with this stuff was backed up to those buildings trying to get rid of the evidence.”

Pulitzer testified before the state Senate’s Election Law Study Subcommittee on Wednesday. Based largely on his testimony, the committee unanimously passed a motion to request an audit of absentee ballots in Fulton County.

Pulitzer, who according to the Monica Matthews podcast has over 200 patents with over 12 billion handheld devices use his technology, explained how he can look at the Georgia ballots and determine almost immediately if a ballot is fraudulent or not. Pulitzer noted that he can look at 500,000 ballots in a couple of hours.

During the hearing, Pulitzer was able to access a Dominion voting machine in real-time.

During Thursday’s discussion with Monica Matthews the two discussed the process of exposing ballot fraud via technology along with “very heartfelt personal reasons” every American should demand the integrity of the 2020 election be upheld.

Pulitzer also said that China is in fact online with a Georgia polling station “today.”

President Donald Trump’s legal team presented surveillance video footage captured at the State Farm Arena in Fulton County on the night of Nov. 3 that Trump legal advisers say shows election officials counting ballots after telling poll observers to leave. One of those election workers was seen scanning a batch of ballots multiple times, the Trump advisers said.

President Trump and Georgia state Republican lawmakers have repeatedly called for a special session in the state legislature, but Gov. Brian Kemp has refused to call for it.

“While we understand four members of the Georgia Senate are requesting the convening of a special session of the General Assembly, doing this in order to select a separate slate of presidential electors is not an option that is allowed under state or federal law,” Kemp said in a joint statement with Republican Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan earlier this month.

Trump on Wednesday said Kemp should resign from office.

“He is an obstructionist who refuses to admit that we won Georgia, BIG! Also won the other Swing States,” Trump tweeted.

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