Islam movement registers community-level gains throughout the USA

by WorldTribune Staff, June 6, 2017

A number of state governments, some under Republican control, are doing their best “to accommodate Muslims waging Civilization Jihad against America,” according to (UTT), an organization that has authoritatively monitored the Islamic movement and infiltrated mosques throughout the United States.

Additionally, “the hard-left Marxists – including nearly all of the local and national media – are collaborators” in those efforts, UTT said.

Anwar al-Awlaki with Patricia Morris (who organized a ‘vigil’ at the MB/Hamas Dar al Hijra Islamic Center after the 9/11 attacks on the United States.)

In a June 5 report titled “Islam’s conquest of America, one town at a time”, UTT cited four communities, Falls Church, Virginia; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Hamtramck, Michigan; and Paterson, New Jersey.

Falls Church is home to the Muslim Brotherhood/Hamas-linked Dar al Hijra Islamic Center. Al Qaida’s notorious Anwar al-Awlaki was the Imam of the Dar al Hijra beginning in January 2001 and serving for over a year there, the UTT report said.

Awlaki spoke with and preached to three of the 9/11 hijackers at the center, located “inside the beltway” in northern Virginia near Washington, DC.

The Muslim Brotherhood leader of Dar al Hijra, Sheikh Shaker Elsayed (former President of the MB’s Muslim American Society), “recently gave a lecture promoting female genital mutilation,” the UTT report said.

“The community around Dar al Hijra has been taken over by sharia-adherent muslims,” the report said. “Law enforcement calls the two twin apartment buildings in the area ‘Taliban Towers,’ and the number of jihadis in this area of Northern Virginia, only minutes from the nation’s capital, is significant.”

It is estimated that over 125,000 Somalis live in Minnesota, most of in the Minneapolis area. “This community sent at least 22 Islamic jihadi fighters overseas to fight for the terrorist group Al Shabaab, although some estimate the number is closer to four dozen,” UTT noted. “The Cedar Riverside neighborhood is also called ‘Little Mogadishu’. Inside a 10 mile radius of Minneapolis city-center, there are at least 29 Islamic Centers/mosques, and an unknown number of home-mosques.

“The Twin Cities area is home to Hamas organizations including CAIR and Islamic Associations. The Muslim Brotherhood’s Muslim Students Associations (MSAs) are on at least 21 Minnesota college and university campuses. There are MSAs in at least 11 Minnesota high schools recruiting jihadis and turning public opinion towards the Palestinian Cause (Hamas) and away from Israel.”

Muslims now make up more than 30 percent of the population in Paterson, which “has been a melting pot of Irish, Germans, Dutch, Italians, Eastern Europeans and others,” the UTT report said.
“This number – possibly over 40,000 – makes Paterson, New Jersey the town with one of the highest concentrations of Muslims in the United States. Many Turks and Syrians are a part of the Muslim community, but the majority are Palestinians/Hamas.”

Hamtramck, a small suburb of Detroit, is the first town in America to have a majority Muslim city council, UTT noted. “This formerly Polish-Catholic town has been overrun by sharia-adherent Muslims who have already achieved accommodations for sharia in the community.”

UTT listed what the four communities also have in common:

  • Muslims concentrated their efforts in these communities, built up their numbers, and then asked for accommodations. Once their numbers were significant enough, they made demands of local officials to accommodate sharia.
  • Islamic leaders (read: Muslim Brotherhood et al) purchased numerous plots of land in these communities – often with funds from Saudi Arabia – and began building Mosques/Islamic Centers, Islamic schools, etc.
  • Once the mosques were built, land immediately around the mosque was purchased for Muslims and, over time, Muslims began occupying the land around the mosque up to a radius of approximately 3 miles.
  • Islamic organizations (read: Muslim Brotherhood) began outreaching to local Christian and Jewish leaders, as well as law enforcement and elected officials with positive results. The majority of Pastors and Rabbis stood/stand with jihadis and publicly defend them because the Muslim Brotherhood’s “Interfaith Outreach” efforts work; many elected officials believe they “have to” meet with jihadi leaders to show how “progressive and open minded” they are; and law enforcement remains unaware of the grave threat growing like a cancer in their communities.
  • Collaborators in the media wrote/write glowing stories about how wonderful the jihadis Muslims are and defend them right up to and, in some cases, after they kill Americans (eg New York Times defending Awlaki after the U.S. government killed him because he was the Al Qaida leader in Yemen).
  • Elected officials defend and even promote the jihadis. Example: Mayor Jones in Paterson raised the Palestinian flag over City Hall and declared “Palestinian-American Day.”

UTT said that “cities which stand up against this onslaught, at least under the previous administration, find themselves fighting a lawsuit from the Department of Justice and U.S. Muslim Brotherhood groups. In Bernard Township, New Jersey the town council said no to Islamic leaders’ request to build an Islamic center/mosque for a number of reasons. The DoJ and the Muslim Brotherhood’s Islamic Center of Basking Ridge sued and forced the city to allow the mosque be built.”

Editor’s note: UTT, according to its mission statement, “provides threat-focused strategic and operational consultation, training, and education for federal, state, and local leadership and agencies in government, the private sector, and for private citizens. UTT is the only organization in America which is training leaders, elected officials, law enforcement, military personnel, and citizens, about the Global Islamic Movement and the jihadi networks in communities around the nation.”

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