Increasingly popular Trump to GOP: ‘Do something’; New indictments loom for leading 2024 candidate

by WorldTribune Staff, July 18, 2023

As the 2024 election season heats up, former President Donald Trump is finding he needs scorecards for his golf outings and indictments.

As far as leading the field for the GOP nomination goes, no scorecard is needed for the frontrunner. He continues to thoroughly dominate, increasingly it appears with each new indictment.

According to the latest Rasmussen Reports survey, three-quarters of Republicans now expect Trump to be their GOP presidential nominee next year, the latest evidence that as the indictments are tallied in the scorecard, the more popular he becomes.

Trump also crossed the 51% favorability line among all likely voters in the poll. His favorability rating is at 73% among Republicans and 47% with independent voters.

The Rasmussen analysis added, “Majorities of every political category — 76% of Republicans, 65% of Democrats and 63% of unaffiliated voters — believe it is at least somewhat likely Trump will end up being the Republican presidential nominee in 2024.”

Nevertheless, the formidable prosecutorial power of the federal bureaucracy, which Democrat administrations rarely hesitate to exploit, is about the collide with the Trump train.

The Rasmussen survey was released as news was breaking that Trump has been named as a “target” in special prosecutor Jack Smith’s 2020 election/Jan. 6 investigation with others in the works over the documents taken from his residence and in Fulton County, Georgia.

Trump came out with a flurry of posts on Truth Social in which he again confronted the Republican establishment in Washington, D.C. with his populist challenge backed by outraged millions to political reality in an unprecedented showdown.

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