Imagine a world ‘without journalists’: Lament by WaPo star was not satire

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, January 28, 2024

“I don’t think people understand how bad the world would be without journalists.”

Washington Post millennial “journalist” Taylor Lorenz made that comment with a straight face in a post on TikTok during which she lamented massive layoffs of other “journalists” like her at the LA Times and other leftist outlets.

Taylor Lorenz

“American media’s preeminent Mean Girl, Taylor Lorenz, would like all us plebs to know that things are, like, really, really hard for her and her fellow mainstream-media journalists right now,” Jenny Holland wrote for Spiked-Online.

In her TikTok post, Lorenz decried a “really dark” period of mass lay-offs at leftist outlets.

“Tens of thousands of journalists have been laid off in the past year,” Lorenz said. “Pretty much the entire digital media ecosystem which myself and a lot of other millennial journalists came up in, has been completely hollowed out. If you’re a young journalist today, there’s almost no on-ramp to traditional journalism.”

Apparently, Lorenz’s idea of “traditional journalism” involves stalking and doxxing conservative targets, which she did with the creator of the Libs of TikTok Twitter account which re-posts videos that have caused much distress in wokeland.

Holland noted: “Watching this once-vital part of American public life crumble before our eyes is undoubtedly alarming. But far more alarming has been the depths of the self-delusion and corruption into which the American media have sunk in recent years.

“This is what Lorenz gets most wrong in her impassioned little speech. She seems to imply that journalists deserve special protection because they are so darn virtuous. Their jobs are so important. When, in reality, the mainstream media have outraged and alienated at least half of the American population.

“Mainstream journalists have been the main purveyor of government disinformation on topics ranging from Russiagate to the origins of Covid-19 to the culture war. They treat ordinary Americans as akin to domestic terrorists if they do not want boys in girls’ school bathrooms. Far too many media professionals exist in privileged bubbles and make their contempt for regular people – who they never tire of stereotyping as racist, sexist, homophobic mouthbreathers – abundantly clear.”

Of course the irony of Lorenz lodging this complaint on Chinese Communist Party-linked TikTok was lost on her and those who buy her schtick.

One who was not mourning was attorney Lin Wood on Telegram:

We need a “free” press in our republic.

The PRIMARY responsibility of a free press is to serve as a “watchdog” over government.

We do NOT need a FAKE media which publishes propaganda and false attacks against individuals to further its political agenda.

Obliterate the FAKE media!!!

Outside of the continually shrinking leftist media bubble, the mockery was wildly entertaining.

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