How George Soros rewarded his St. Louis asset Kim Gardner

by WorldTribune Staff, August 6, 2020

One of the foot soldiers in leftist billionaire George Soros’s offensive to buy the U.S. criminal justice system has been earning frequent flyer miles from her Faustian bargain.

St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner

Kim Gardner, the leftist St. Louis prosecutor who released all rioters without charges, and who pressed felony charges against Mark and Patricia McCloskey who said they brandished firearms to defend their home against the violent leftist mob, received $77,804 from a Soros political action committee (PAC) for her re-election campaign.

Meanwhile, a KMOV News 4 investigation found that Gardner failed to report several trips she took that were funded in part by a Soros-linked organization.

“It appears she has violated the law by not reporting the trips,” the report said. “Sources tell News 4 Gardner is a frequent flyer. At times during her tenure as prosecutor, sources say, she has often been gone from her office a couple of times every month, jetting around on someone else’s dime.”

The influx of Soros cash fueled Gardner’s easy win in her Democrat primary on Tuesday with 60 percent of the vote. Gardner will face Republican challenger Daniel Zdrodowski in the November election. He ran unopposed Tuesday.

A Missouri Ethics Commission filing on Saturday showed a $116,000 donation from Soros to the Missouri Justice and Public Safety PAC which was formed to support Gardner. The filing indicated Soros was the sole donor to the group so far.

The PAC reported it has spent about $104,393 so far, including about $77,804 directly on Gardner. Soros’s donation allowed the group to pay off prior debts it incurred in supporting Gardner, Just The News reported on Aug. 3.

Gardner was elected in 2016 and supported by Soros-funded PACs, which financially back several prosecutors across America on a progressive criminal justice reform platform.

Gardner’s prosecution of the McCloskeys has been elevated to a national conversation about Second Amendment rights and the Missouri “Castle Doctrine” of protecting one’s home. Missouri Gov. Michael Parson has said he will pardon the McCloskeys.

Just The News reported that the McCloskeys’ attorney, Joel Schwartz, filed a motion recently to dismiss both Gardner and her office from prosecuting the McCloskeys based upon conflict of interest. The motion argues that Gardner’s campaign has used the McCloskey incident to further her own financial, personal, and professional gain because Gardner sent out campaign solicitations for her re-election mentioning the McCloskeys.

In January, Gardner filed a civil rights lawsuit against the city, the St. Louis Police Officers Association, and others, accusing them of a racist conspiracy to drive her out of office.

The KMOV News 4 report continued: “Social media snaps show Gardner posing for pictures in Portugal, listening to conversations in New Haven, Connecticut, smiling with other prosecutors in Houston and linking arms in Selma, Alabama. They are trips she apparently took in 2018 and 2019, but did not disclose on travel reports, as required by law.”

Sources told News 4 that some of Gardner’s trips were paid for in full, or in part, by an organization called Fair and Just Prosecution, a group that professes to support progressive prosecutors.

According to its website, Fair and Just Prosecution is entirely financed by the Tides Center, which is part of a network Soros has donated more than $20 million to.

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