Gov. Noem slams ‘very unfair’ Covid bill: Rewards states for ‘bad actions’

by WorldTribune Staff, February 25, 2021

How do government officials in Democrat-run states benefit from their tyrannical covid lockdown orders which devastated thousands of businesses, halted the education of millions of children, and destroyed countless lives?

They are being compensated by the Biden administration, South Dakota Republican Gov. Kristi Noem said.

Noem told Fox News on Tuesday that she believes congressional Democrats’ massive coronavirus relief bill “bails out those states that shut down their economies” and “rewards them for making people stay in their homes and for taking away a business’ right to be open and take care of their customers and their employees.”

For states that “made the right decisions,” kept their economies open and respected their citizens’ freedom, the Democrats’ bill is “very unfair,” Noem said.

“What this bill does is reward New York and Illinois and California for their bad actions and their overstep of our personal liberties and our freedoms,” Noem said.

In the legislation, the Democrats are handing out $350 billion of taxpayers’ money to state and local governments.

The bill is “incredibly detrimental to our state because we made the right decisions. We trusted people,” Noem added. “We have the lowest unemployment rate in the nation and are tied for it with Nebraska and we’re getting through this together.”

“What’s frustrating for me is that people attack us in South Dakota for taking the route and the path that we took,” Noem said. What’s not talked about is the fact that South Dakota is in “the top three of the nation for vaccinating our people.”

Noem said that Congress should “start focusing on what made America great and that was trusting people, protecting our freedoms and making responsible fiscal decisions.”

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