Fun at the Iowa State Fair: Trump’s grand entrance; DeSantis heckled; Lake trolls media; Vivek raps

by WorldTribune Staff, August 13, 2023

Even pork chop on a stick, which won most popular food at this year’s Iowa State Fair, had to take a back seat to Donald Trump.

On Saturday, the former president and dominant candidate in polling for the GOP nod in 2024 “arrived in the grandeur that only Trump can bring. Trump Force One flew low over the fairgrounds for the crowd to see. Secret Service waded a long line of people waiting to get into Steers & Steins to see the former president. Mobs followed him throughout the fairgrounds, shouting his name,” Daily Mail Online reported.

Former President Donald Trump works the crowd at the Iowa State Fair on Saturday. / Video Image

“The other candidates came here and had like six people,” Trump said.

Trump “was mobbed every where he went on the fairgrounds,” the Daily Mail noted. “He attempted to look at cows at one of the animal tents but was surrounded by people, who wanted photos and his signature. Trump shook hands as he worked the crowd. Word spread quickly through the fair grounds about where the former president could be seen. Crowds lined up at each venue to shout his name and a current of electricity and excitement followed the former president.”

Trump brought with him an entourage of prominent Florida Republicans who have endorsed him over DeSantis.

One of them, Rep. Matt Gaetz, told a crowd of supporters that burgers were being grilled at the fair — rare, medium rare and well done — but that “the most done you can be is Ron DeSantis.”

Trump, who is leading DeSantis, his closest rival, by double digits in the polls, told the Florida governor should drop out of the race.

“He didn’t have many people show up,” Trump said of DeSantis. “That’s not good. He’s doing very poorly in the polls. Very, very poorly. And I think he’s going to be leaving the race pretty soon, I think.”

DeSantis was seen at the Iowa State Fair flipping burgers, riding bumper cars, having his speech interrupted by fans cheering for Trump as his plane flew over, and being heckled.

A group of five leftist protestors disrupted DeSantis’s first event — a “fair-side chat” with Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds. The hecklers were ejected and banned from returning to fairgrounds until September 2024.

DeSantis’s “talk continued after the protesters were taken out. A small child fell asleep as the Florida governor spoke,” the Daily Mail noted.

Vivek Ramaswamy, who is locked in a battle with DeSantis for second place in the GOP primary polling, grabbed a mic and performed a verse of Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” to a surprised Fair crowd.

“Snap back to reality, ope there goes gravity,” he chanted, grinning broadly and pumping his fist in time to the track.

Moments before, Ramaswamy had named the song — a 2002 hit from the film “8 Mile” that went on to win an Academy Award — as his favorite walk-out track at campaign events.

“It’s like, young and scrappy,” he explained to Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds during her “fair-side chat” event.

Ramaswamy slammed the “climate change agenda” as a “hoax” during his half-hour stint on the stage — and promised to sign a “declaration of independence from Communist China” if elected, saying that Americans have become “addicted” to Chinese products.

Leftist media is far out of its comfort zone when covering such events, and the Iowa State Fair was no different. This time, it was Kari Lake trolling Big Media on its constant pushing of the trans agenda.

Lake made a stop at the dairy barn on Friday to push back against “woke” ideas, particularly when it comes to gender.

Finally, Nikki Haley showed that her basketball skills pretty much align with her position in the GOP presidential primary polls.

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