Film: Late Saudi king’s Palestinian wife tells of abortions to prevent ‘little Arafats running around the palace’

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The story of the Saudi royal family is one of corruption, drugs, sex and gambling, according to a new documentary featuring the Palestinian ex-wife of Saudi King Fahd.

In “The Weaknesses of King Fahd”, Janan Harb, who secretly married Fahd when she was 20, claims the king forced her to have three abortions as he did not want “little Arafats running about the palace,” in reference to late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat.

The then-Prince Fahd with 'secret' wife Janan Harb at her Al Sharafiya Palace before her banishment in 1970.
Then-Prince Fahd with Janan Harb at her Al Sharafiya Palace before her banishment in 1970.

The film “details the tumultuous relationship” between Harb and the royal family, especially his younger brother, current Saudi King Salman, according to Internet publication

Harb said members of Fahd’s family were opposed to their relationship because she was from a Christian family in Palestine.

Harb, who moved to the Saudi royal palace in Riyadh in 1967, refers to Fahd as “the butcher from Riyadh. He didn’t have a good reputation, he was very aggressive.”

Fahd ruled from 1982 until his death in 2005.

According to, Harb, now 68, “fled Saudi Arabia fearing for her life after learning that Salman was planning to have her and her family killed.”

Harb said Fahd and Salman frequently went on trips to to casinos in the UK and used illicit drugs on numerous occasions.

Harb was banished from Saudi Arabia in 1970 and, despite both she and the king later remarrying, says Fahd promised to look after her for the rest of her life.

A British judge backed her claim last year, finding that Harb is entitled to over £15 million ($21.5 million U.S.) plus the value of two expensive London properties.

“This has been 12 years of misery for me. I am very happy with British justice,” Harb said.