Ex-Pfizer VP: Those advocating universal vaccination are guilty of ‘crimes against humanity’

by WorldTribune Staff, May 16, 2022

Politicians, corporate media, and so-called “health authorities” who insisted that universal vaccination was necessary to end the Covid pandemic are “guilty of crimes against humanity,” a former vice president of Pfizer said.

In just three months — from the first day of the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid vaccine rollout on Dec. 1, 2020 through Feb. 28, 2021 — there were 1,223 deaths and 42,086 adverse events caused by the jab that were reported to Pfizer.

Michael Yeadon, who has 32 years in the pharmaceutical industry and worked as the head of allergy and respiratory research at Pfizer from 1995 to 2011, said that making sure the Covid vaccines would cause no harm in the long run should have been imperative.

“It was never appropriate to attempt to ‘end the pandemic’ with a novel technology vaccine. In a public health mass intervention, safety is the top priority, more so even than effectiveness, because so many people will receive it,” Yeadon told The Epoch Times in a May 14 report. “It’s simply not possible to obtain data demonstrating adequate longitudinal safety in the time period any pandemic can last. Those who pushed this line of argument and enabled the gene-based agents to be injected needlessly into billions of innocent people are guilty of crimes against humanity.”

Natural immunity is obviously stronger than any protection from the vaccines, Yeadon said, citing an article by Dr. Paul Alexander that has over 150 studies attesting to naturally acquired immunity to Covid-19.

Yeadon told The Epoch Times he believes the Covid vaccines should have not been given emergency use authorization (EUA) and that if he were directing the pandemic response, children, pregnant women, and people who already had contracted the virus would have been given a red light on the jabs.

“I would have outright denied their use in children, in pregnancy, and in the infected/recovered. Point blank. I’d need years of safe use before contemplating an alteration of this stance,” said Yeadon, who has a doctorate in respiratory pharmacology and holds a Double First Class Honors degree in biochemistry and toxicology.

The Covid vaccines also were sure to be toxic, Yeadon said, adding that it was only a matter of degree of toxicity.

“Having selected spike protein to be expressed, a protein which causes blood clotting to be initiated, a risk of thromboembolic adverse events was burned into the design. Nothing at all limits the amount of spike protein to be made in response to a given dose. Some individuals make a little and only briefly. The other end of a normal range results in synthesis of copious amounts of spike protein for a prolonged period. The locations in which this pathological event occurred, as well as where on the spectrum, in my view played a pivotal role in whether the victim experienced adverse events including death,” Yeadon said.

“There are many other pathologies flowing from the design of these agents, including for the mRNA ‘vaccines’ that lipid nanoparticle formulations leave the injection site and home to liver and ovaries, among other organs, but this evidence is enough to get started.”

Yeadon said that the worst flu season in the past ten years has been worse than the threat posed by the Covid virus.

“And what do we do in response to seasonal influenza? Well, nothing really, beyond offering — and not mandating — vaccines which aren’t much use,” Yeadon said.

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