Elizabeth Warren is too extreme even for Massachusetts

Special to WorldTribune.com

Jeffrey T. Kuhner

Something remarkable is taking place. Sen. Elizabeth Warren is becoming too extreme even for ultra-liberal Massachusetts. The left-wing Democrat is desperately trying to position herself as the leading anti-Trump voice in America. This may play well with some in the mainstream media and among hard-core Democratic activists, but it is costing her dearly among the people who matter most: Bay State voters.

Latest polls reveal Warren is bleeding support. A recent WBUR poll says that her approval rating is barely 51 percent. More troubling for her, the poll shows only 44 percent of Massachusetts voters believe she should be re-elected, while 46 percent want “someone else to have a chance” to represent them in the U.S. Senate. In other words, she’s taking on water.

Warren is clearly vulnerable to a challenge from a strong, principled center-right candidate. This should come as no surprise. She is one of the most polarizing and hated politicians in the country. Arrogant, smug, sanctimonious, self-righteous and puerile—she often comes across more as a wannabe liberal late-night comedian (think Amy Schumer but always in a rage) than a serious senator. Since being elected in 2012, Warren has not sponsored or been involved in shaping any major piece of legislation. She vowed on election night to be a “bipartisan” leader, who would reach out “across the aisle” to get things done for the citizens of Massachusetts. Instead, she has done the very opposite: spending more time on a soap box, pounding liberal causes such as climate change, amnesty for illegals and abortion rights, than in the Senate getting bills passed that would create jobs and economic development. The students at Harvard may love her, but she has done nothing for middle- and working-class families.

At her core, Warren is a self-absorbed narcissist — a fraud whose only interest is to advance her personal agenda of being the Democrats’ presidential nominee in 2020. The people of the Bay State are simply a stepping stone on her rise to the White House. She is using them, and they are starting to catch on.

Yet, what did they expect? For years, this supposed champion of the “99 percent versus the one percent” was a house flipper. She made millions scooping up real estate by taking advantage of old ladies and couples going through a nasty divorce. The racket was simple: Buy homes low and then resell at a much higher price — thereby pocketing lucrative profits. She is worth more than $15 million. So much for being the tribune of the people.

Warren is also a charlatan. For years, she claimed to be a Cherokee Native American Indian in order to get hired and eventually tenure at universities such as Harvard Law School. The scam worked. In fact, she was paid by Harvard $350,000 a year to teach one course under their affirmative action-minority outreach program.

There was only one problem: She doesn’t have an ounce of Cherokee blood. She is as white as I am. Native American groups have rightly complained that she exploited Harvard’s desire to hire Indians to get herself a lucrative job. Rather than being exposed and denounced for her shameful, fraudulent behavior, the Boston liberal media swept it under the rug.

The Chief’s act, however, is starting to wear thin. Breitbart News recently asked the senator’s office whether Warren would denounce pop singer Madonna’s public statements about her desire to “blow up the White House” now that President Trump occupies it. So far, Warren remains silent. Think about this: A major celebrity calls for the president to be killed — a federal crime — in front of a huge rally in Washington, and Massachusetts’ leading senator refuses to condemn it.

Warren’s leftist extremism is part of a larger, disturbing pattern. She is an ally not just of radical socialist groups, but of borderline domestic terrorist organizations that espouse cop killing, violence and destruction of public property — Black Lives Matter, Occupy Wall Street (which she brags to have intellectually founded), MoveOn.org, Code Pink and DisruptJ20.

In short, she is not some chic academic progressive, who simply champions feminism, multiculturalism and political correctness (bad as they are). She is on the hard left, a kook who flirts with some of the most vile and destructive elements in American society.

Warren’s attempt to have no enemies to the left resonates in Cambridge and on college campuses. It does not, however, play well with people who have real jobs and pay taxes — or even to those who have a scintilla of common sense and basic sanity. In fact, it is repulsive.

And this is why Warren can and should be brought down.

Jeffrey T. Kuhner is a columnist at WorldTribune.com and the host of “The Kuhner Report” weekdays 12-3 pm EST on WRKO AM-680 in Boston.