‘Deathly afraid’: Larry Elder’s lead in California recall election terrifies Democrat media

by WorldTribune Staff, September 6, 2021

Larry Elder said the prospect of his becoming the first black governor of California has the leftwing establishment press “scared to death.”

Larry Elder: ‘“If that can be done in California, it can be done all over the country.’ / Wikimedia Commons / Gage Skidmore

Among recall candidates heading into the Sept. 14 special election, Elder was the choice of 32 percent of those polled, followed by Democrat Kevin Paffrath with 13 percent.

“I think it’s because the press oftentimes serves as a public-relations bureau for the Democrat Party, and they’re deathly afraid that Larry Elder, a black guy from the ‘hood who went to public school, might break the stranglehold that the Democrats have had on black and brown voters here in California,” Elder said on Fox News Channel’s “Media Buzz.”

“If that can be done in California, it can be done all over the country. And they are scared to death,” he said.

Among the Democrats’ media wing in the Golden State, the Los Angeles Times is doing its best to preserve the status quo. The LA Times’ opinion page has featured columns in recent weeks with the headlines “Larry Elder talks a lot. Too bad you can’t believe anything he says”, and “If Elder is elected, life will get harder for Black and Latino Californians”.

An Aug. 20 column by Erika D. Smith was titled “Larry Elder is the Black face of white supremacy. You’ve been warned”.

Ward Connerly, founder and president of the American Civil Rights Institute, swung back with an Aug. 29 op-ed blasting the “racist smear campaign against Larry Elder.”

“It is hard to know where to start — so many, so unhinged, and so vile are the attacks against Larry Elder in the Los Angeles Times’ hit pieces,” Connerly wrote in the Orange County Register.

Elder said Sunday that “they’re doing whatever they can to bring me down” before the recall election, which will determine whether Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom stays or goes.

“They’re going hysterical because of what I said,” Elder said. “They’re afraid that I’m going to be able to break the stranglehold that they’ve had over blacks and browns for years.”

“All I am is common sense,” said Elder. “I’m going to do something about the crime. I’m going to do something about the lousy education; do something about the rise in homelessness; do something about our water crisis, about our poor management of the forests. What could be so bad?”

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