Conservative activist gives epic response to leftist critics

by WorldTribune Staff, February 17, 2020

Since launching the #CleanUp movement last year, conservative activist Scott Presler and his team have cleaned up filthy conditions in homeless camps and neighborhoods in Baltimore, Chicago, Houston, and Los Angeles.

#CleanUp movement founder Scott Presler in San Francisco. / YouTube

When Presler and 150 volunteers showed up to clean up homeless camps in San Francisco earlier this month, they were greeted by protesters.

Who could protest a movement aimed at improving living conditions for the nation’s homeless and impoverished?

“During the massive clean up effort, Antifa protesters showed up to heckle the volunteers, calling them racists and fascists,” The Blaze reported.

Presler took video footage of the protesters as he was asking them to help with the clean up, but they reportedly flipped him off and yelled over and over, “Go home bigot.”

“I never thought I would see the day I’d be protested for picking up trash,” Presler told Breitbart News.

But as he was being chided for helping to clean up the filthy conditions in San Francisco, the conservative activist spoke out in what was an epic response to his leftist critics:

Why are illegal immigrants more important than Americans? I’d like to hear an answer.

Why are illegal immigrants more important than homeless people sleeping on the streets? Why do we, in one of the biggest economies here in California, take care of illegal immigrants, but our people are sleeping on the streets? I’d like to hear an answer to that. Why? No one can ever answer that question. Why don’t people put American citizens first, yet illegal immigrants get everything?

I hope you post this. I want this to go viral because I give a damn and I care about my community.

My Dad is a retired Navy captain. He served our country honorably. My grandfather is a retired Navy captain. And I’m doing my part to help our country because I give a damn and I’m going to fight for it.

And I’m 100% voting for Donald Trump on Tuesday, November 3, 2020. The Democrat Party does not put our people first. They put sanctuary cities first. They put illegal aliens first. They tax us. They tax our water. You can’t even shower and do laundry on the same day, while Nancy Pelosi is getting hundreds of thousands of dollars, robbing our pockets, not doing anything for our people, not passing legislation, passing out pens like they’re candy.

Meanwhile, President Trump is signing the United States/Mexico agreement and signing trade deals and he’s cutting our taxes and he’s securing the border and he’s putting our veterans first. I am proud of President Trump and I am voting for him because he’s putting the American people first. Period.

Thank you. Thank you. Register to vote.

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