Buried by Big Media: How the Bidens profited from illegal immigration

by WorldTribune Staff, October 17, 2023

Hunter Biden had deep financial and personal ties to a digital banking platform which partnered with the Mexican government to enable illegal immigrants to send and receive remittances, according to documents from the first son’s “laptop from hell.”

Documents from the hard drive reveal that Hunter Biden held an 8.25 percent stake in ePlata through his company Owasco LLC. He also received a $20,000 wire transfer from the company in April 2015.

Jeff Cooper, Carlos Slim, Joe Biden, Miguel Aleman Velasco, Hunter Biden and Miguel Aleman Magnani in a photo taken in 2015 in the living room of the Naval Observatory.

In a detailed tweet, the War Room’s Natalie Winters noted that the documents show how Hunter Biden had a stake in the company apparently as late as 2018 based on his laptop emails, and may still hold it today.

The founder of ePlata, Jeff Cooper, has a long history of collaboration with Hunter Biden, including on some of his most controversial business dealings implicating Joe Biden which were exposed through the laptop.

“While pursuing deals with Mexican billionaires during Joe Biden’s tenure as Vice President, Cooper and Hunter Biden exploited the privileges of the office – including White House Events, trips on Air Force Two, and meetings with Joe Biden – to lure clients,” Winters wrote.

Cooper has appeared in photos with Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, and various Mexican billionaires. He even joined Hunter on a February 2016 Air Force Two flight to Mexico.

Hunter Biden also introduced Cooper to Joe Biden, Winters added.

According to a company synopsis, ePlata “offers worldwide banking without the need for a traditional bank account.”

The statement “raises concerns about the platform potentially being used for money laundering and other criminal activities including human trafficking,” Winters noted.

The remittances that ePlata and other similar platforms process represent a key financial aspect of legal and illegal immigration.

“The payments constitute a massive industry worth over $150 billion annually in the U.S. alone and harm America’s economy, as the sizable sum leaves the country untaxed,” Winters noted.

Mexico consistently ranks as the top destination for outbound remittances from the U.S., and nearly 95 percent of inbound remittances to Mexico come from migrants living in the U.S.

“It also may be significant that Joe Biden granted temporary protected status to half a million Venezuelan migrants in order to issue them work permits. More work permits, more remittances,” Monica Showalter noted in an Oct. 17 analysis for American Thinker. “In which case, the possibility that Joe Biden, his wayward son or his cronies having a monetary stake in the open border and migrants breaking immigration law to enter the U.S. is simply appalling. That’s Biden’s bad policy having a greed motive, pay for play at the expense of the country.”

Legacy media has had no interest in this story, and, Showalter asked if anyone in Congress did either.

“It looks like a potentially rich vein of Biden family corruption if Hunter Biden still has his stake, and if not him, then Biden’s political friends on their board. Its another item on the long list of scandals Congress must shed daylight on,” Showalter wrote.

While ePlata was launched in 2016, in recent years it has made broader efforts to grow, including appointing several Hunter Biden-linked individuals to its Global Advisory Board in 2019.

Winters first revealed the Hunter Biden-ePlata connection in July and the Marco Polo group, which has posted an online database of the Hunter Biden laptop’s contents, issued a follow-up on Monday:

Hunter Biden and Cooper had previously worked together trying to raise funds from Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim for their venture Ocho Gaming, which a whistleblower recently revealed that Joe Biden was involved in as a “silent investor,” Winters noted.

The hard drive also reveals that as late as 2018, Hunter Biden and Cooper were still soliciting money from the Slim family with the assistance of Joe Biden.

“Spoke to my dad about ‘Slim ask,’ ” Hunter wrote Cooper after a visit from his father in Los Angeles. “Oh that sounds SO F’ING GOOD” replied Cooper.

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