Bozo alert: The Left now equates being called a ‘clown’ to a white supremacist slur

by WorldTribune Staff, August 9, 2019

Add the word “clown” to the list of words the Left considers a white supremacy dog whistle.

In a new campaign ad, North Carolina Republican Dan Bishop, running in the 9th Congressional District, portrays his Democratic opponent, Dan McCready, and some liberal members of Congress as “crazy clowns.”

Screen grab from Dan Bishop’s ‘crazy clowns’ ad. / YouTube

“They hate President Trump more than they love America,” the ad says. “They’re not funny. They’re downright scary. I’ll go to Congress and fight these clowns for you ….. it’s time to take the air out of these clowns,” Bishop says in the ad.

The leftist Daily Kos “being the fever swamp that it is reacted to the ad by suggesting being called a ‘clown’ was a tool of white supremacy, which likely was new news to every single person who read the article,” Sister Toldjah noted in an Aug. 8 op-ed for RedState.

The Daily Kos wrote of the ad:

“But it’s not just a particularly lame joke. It turns out there’s a disturbing genesis. Jared Holt, one of the tireless folks at Right Wing Watch, reported in April that white supremacists have begun adopting a version of the infamous far-right ‘Pepe the Frog’ meme decked out in clown garb that they call ‘Honkler,’ to symbolize ‘their exasperation over an imagined state of collapse in the Western hemisphere that they largely blame on immigrants and minority groups.’

“The Forward’s Aiden Pink explained further, ‘While some users depict themselves as clowns who are ‘in’ on the ‘joke’ of the alleged downfall of white society in a multiracial country, others have targeted their supposed enemies by depicting them as clowns.’ ”

Staff writer David Nir concluded by saying that Bishop was still complicit in the rise of white supremacy even if he didn’t know about this alleged “clown” trend among white supremacist groups.

“Whether or not Bishop understands the significance of his ‘clown’ slurs, the propagation of this meme from the cesspools of the Internet directly to the highest levels of Republican power shows just how in thrall to the far-right today’s GOP is.”

In tweeting a link to the Daily Kos article, McCready wrote: “My God, we are better than this.”

Sister Toldjah wrote: “Maybe it’s just me, but doesn’t him retweeting out that nonsense kinda sorta prove that McCready indeed is a bit of a clown? Think about it. How many times have Democrats called Republicans clowns in the past? Legal Insurrection documented numerous instances as did the Free Beacon. Were those Democrats tools of the white supremacy?”

Bishop responded to McCready’s tweet by warning Ronald McDonald to be very careful:

“This is what it’s come to in the fever swamps of the Left and @McCreadyForNC dutifully joins his fellow clowns to fan the flames. Someone should warn Ronald McDonald to keep a low profile.”

The special election to fill the vacant North Carolina 9th District Congressional seat will be held on Sept. 10.

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