Beijing slaps U.S. diplomat’s ‘irresponsible’ comments as Party vets Hong Kong candidates

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By Willy Lam,

Beijing has ratcheted up its rhetoric against alleged efforts by the United States to “interfere” in the political development of Hong Kong.

Hong Kong skyline.
Hong Kong skyline.

The special administrative region (SAR) of Hong Kong is scheduled to hold general elections in 2017 to pick its chief executive (CE), whose status is equivalent to the mayor of major Chinese cities such as Shanghai and Chongqing.

Chinese Communist Party (CCP) authorities, however, are adamant that only politicians “who love Hong Kong and love the motherland” – meaning those acceptable to Beijing – can become legal CE candidates.

For this purpose, Xi Jinping administration is due to establish a nomination committee – which will consist of mostly pro-China Hong Kong businessmen and politicians – to vet potential candidates for the SAR’s top post.

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