Beaufort, SC removes election official for organizing audit rally

by WorldTribune Staff, September 19, 2021

Conventional wisdom in America’s political-media establishment holds that, like the JFK assassination, the 2020 presidential election will forever remain an unsolved mystery.

A growing if unreported national movement holds the opposite view: Nothing short of forensic audits in every state and the elimination of Internet-connected voting systems will restore election integrity in 2022.

Thus a member of the City Council in Beaufort, South Carolina was fired from the county’s Elections Commission for organizing a rally in support of a forensic audit of the 2020 election.

Is the call for such an audit partisan or patriotic activity?

The council, in a 5-0 vote, said Helen Spalding, appointed in February to a six-year term, was removed from the commission due to her participation in “partisan political activities,” The Island Packet reported on Sept. 15.

Spalding helped organize the Aug. 30 “Audit the SC 2020 Vote Rally” and reportedly helped organize a second political rally for Republicans on Sept. 7.

According to City Attorney William Harvey, municipal election commission members are prohibited from participating in “political management” or in a political campaign over whose election the member has jurisdiction. That includes local, state or federal elections, Harvey said.

Harvey said he deemed the Aug. 30 and Sept. 7 rallies organized by Spalding as “political management,” which violates state law.

Beaufort Mayor Stephen Murray said: “I wholeheartedly agree.”

Spalding wrote in a Telegram post: “I really thought (naively I guess) maybe one person would defend me…..but I should have known better when speaking to an elected official yesterday who said (and I’m paraphrasing) there’s a little bit of fraud in every election and 4,000 questionable votes out of 4 million isn’t enough to impact the election.

“Wait. What? AUDIT EVERY STATE. FIX 2020 🇺🇸”

Attorney Lin Wood, who is now labeling Republican politicians who do not want to question the 2020 election”communists”, noted on Telegram: “Mockingbird propaganda rag, The Island Packet, inadvertently spoke TRUTH in a headline!!! [The headline: ‘We’re not silencing her.’ Beaufort Election Commission member fired. Here’s why].

“The Communists who fired Helen Spalding from the Beaufort County Election Board are NOT GOING TO SILENCE HER. In fact, they are going to raise the volume on Helen’s voice as many uninformed citizens of Beaufort and around the country learn of her being an innocent victim of their partisan communistic practices.”

Wood added: “Only in South Carolina can the Executive Director of the SEC be on the board of ES&S and accept a total of $19,200 in expenses from ES&S and it not be considered unethical, but a woman holding a rally and fighting for voting rights gets fired!?”

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