Bannon charges Democrats deployed troops for ‘crass political reasons’

by WorldTribune Staff, February 12, 2021

On his Feb. 11 “War Room” broadcast, Steve Bannon blasted impeachment manager Rep. Ted Lieu. Bannon contended that Lieu admitted during the Senate trial that Democrats are using the military to enforce political speech.

“Sir, you are a liar,” Bannon said. “If that is the truth, then you have lied about why the troops are there.”

On Thursday during the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump, Lieu said “the National Guard troops in full body armor still patrol outside” because Trump hasn’t said the words “the election was not stolen.”

“This is state power for crass political reasons to go against the Constitution of the United States,” Bannon said.

“Sir, let me make sure you understand something. Ted Lieu and Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden and every distributor and Twitter and all of it: We will never concede,” he said. “We will never say this election was not stolen.”

“We will never ever ever ever concede. Do you understand that?” Bannon added. “And you know why? Because you stole this election and you bragged about it on the cover of TIME magazine.”

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