Asia’s gathering war clouds on three fronts: Hong Kong, Taiwan Strait, Korean Peninsula

FPI / May 28, 2020

By Richard Fisher

Domestic and international pressures resulting from the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) requirement to affirm its internal dictatorship, subordinate Asian countries and supplant the global authority of the United States, are creating conditions for kinetic conflict.

On May 23, a Chinese artist posted images representing chaotic street fighting following a Chinese invasion of Taiwan, with this image apparently showing two dead United States Marines. Such imagery is designed to accustom Chinese to the reality of war over Taiwan. / Chinese Internet

War could break out on one or three fronts: Hong Kong, the Taiwan Strait and the Korean Peninsula.

Claudia Rosett, a June 4, 1989 Tiananmen Massacre witness then working for The Wall Street Journal, wrote on May 24 for PJ Media, “Not since the eve of the 1989 Tiananmen slaughter have we seen China’s communist regime more clearly girding to demolish a vibrant democracy movement.”

To the already stringent legal restrictions on large gatherings due to the Wuhan coronavirus, on May 21, China’s National People’s Congress announced it would force a new national security law on Hong Kong banning subversion, separatism and foreign interference.

As a measure of the threat to the CCP posed by a continuation of Hong Kong’s massive protests of 2019, on May 6 China’s Hong Kong and Macau Affair Office (HKMAO) called the protest movement a “political virus.”

An estimated 8,000 protestors have been arrested, and the new national security law will make it easier for Beijing to send in its own People’s Armed Police and even Army troops to violently suppress protests.

The new law plus a potential violent military crackdown on protesters would also be followed by arrest of tens of thousands, potentially dispatched to “re-education” camps in Xinjiang as re-education becomes the norm in Hong Kong’s education system and media.

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