Americans are on a 2nd Amendment roll; 1 million+ sales 47 months in a row

by WorldTribune Staff / 247 Real News July 4, 2023

Americans purchased more than 1 million firearms in June, marking the 47th consecutive month of record-setting gun sales, according to the FBI.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) said that 2,152,187 background checks were conducted in June. Of those, 1,110,696 were likely for gun purchases and transfers, the rest being for carry and other security permits.

“June marks the 47th month in a row that has exceeded 1 million adjusted background checks in a single month,” the NSSF said.

NSSF spokesman Mark Oliva said:

“Americans have another million reasons to celebrate this Independence Day. More than 1.1 million times in June, Americans exercised their Second Amendment rights to lawfully purchase a firearm. That extends the streak to 47 continuous months that background checks for firearm purchases have exceeded a million.

“This is notable because these figures buck the demands by gun control politicians to surrender rights. Americans choose differently. They choose, by the millions, to keep and bear arms. They are keeping alive the vision of our Founding Fathers that this would be a nation that celebrates the ethos of a responsibly armed citizenry.”

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