Why is everything still so damn expensive? Bidenflation

by WorldTribune Staff, October 12, 2023

For most Americans, “every trip to the supermarket and gas station” reminds them of what Bidenflation has done, a columnist noted.

And “the pain doesn’t vanish just because professional economists say the forecast is brightening,” Daniel McCarthy, editor of Modern Age: A Conservative Review, wrote for the New York Post on Oct. 9.

While Team Biden continues to insist that the Inflation Reduction Act will kick in by year’s end, groceries and gasoline remain drastically expensive and “the pinch of new constraints is felt,” McCarthy added.

It has been going on long enough for Americans to get sick of it and ready to affix a Joe Biden “I Did That” sticker to gas pumps and supermarket aisles nationwide.

The consumer price index in September rose 3.7 percent from a year earlier, the Labor Department said on Oct. 12. Rosy-outlook economists had expected the monthly figure to rise by just 0.3 percent.

A recent thread on Reddit that went viral asked: “What is no longer worth it because of how expensive it has become?”

One user summed up the feelings of many, writing “everything.”

Millions of Americans are sure to concur with some, if not all, of the responses, including:

Health insurance

“I had to abandon the insurance they offered at my work, it would have gutted my pay to the point I would not be able to survive. Now I have no insurance,” one user wrote.

Another Redditor who said they canceled their health insurance plan was relieved to no longer have to pay “$8,000 a year just in premiums then co-pays, then deductible.”

“Man I wish I could cancel mine,” another wrote. “I pay $18,000 a year for insurance with a 4k deductible. I can’t go without it because my wife is a type 1 diabetic. America f–king sucks for anyone with health problems.”

A new or used car

“I make six figures and haven’t been able to afford or better said, justify purchasing a new car since 2007. I’m priced way out of my comfort zone,” one Redditer replied.

“When I was looking, Toyota wanted $24,000 for a 2023 Corolla and I would have to wait at least 9 months for it to be built. The salesman showed me a gently used 2019 Corolla with 65,000 miles. They wanted $23,000 for it,” another said.


“Daycare is more than tuition room and board at a university,” one Redditor wrote.

Redditors then began sharing how much they pay monthly for childcare amid Bidenflation, and eye-watering sums ranged from $1,600 to $2,200 per month.


For those actually able to afford a vacation or short getaway, Redditors noted that Airbnb vacation property rentals are charging so much that it’s no longer worth the money. “All of the add-on fees usually drive the cost higher than an actual hotel stay in the same area,” one user wrote.

Another commenter agreed, noting that “an actual hotel stay comes with clean sheets and towels, and no concerns about surprise cleaning fees when you didn’t push the chairs in or something.”

“Not to mention amenities like a gym, a pool, and sometimes free breakfast,” another chimed in.

Fast food

The top-rated reply in the thread, having been “upvoted” 23,300 times, simply reads: “most fast food.”

“A ‘value meal’ at McDonalds now costs just as much as a meal at a lot of sit down restaurants like Applebee’s,” one user wrote.

The McDonald’s app in New York City, for example, where the “$1 $2 $3” menu doesn’t actually have anything worth $1 or $2. The cheapest option is a small order of french fries, which will run a hungry customer $2.49. A Big Mac on the app costs $6.19, but can be made into a meal with fries and a soft drink for $10.99.

Regime media continue to carry water for their 80-year-old overlord. After the most recent jobs numbers were released, CNN ran with the headline: “Jobs report shock: American economy added a stunning 336,000 jobs in September.”

Context usually escapes the network Donald Trump refers to as “very fake news,” but the very same CNN carried an analysis by David Goldman which acknowledged the economy still “feels lousy for many people,” and according to the network’s own polling, a majority of Americans say Biden’s policies “have made economic conditions worse.”

When he announced he was running or president in 2024, Donald Trump said: “We will immediately tackle inflation and bring it down to a level that it was. The best number is 1%” and that the value of the dollar was positioned to “make this country a lot of money.”

Trump stressed that his priorities include “low taxes, low regulation, fair trade” and suggested that “other countries should pay for coming into the American marketplace and make all that money [they] take away from us.”

He vowed that every policy would put America first and “Make America Great Again.”

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